On the Agenda at the 2022 Global Wellness Summit

Technology & Innovation


Leveraging the Summit location and industry demand, the 16th annual GWS will place unprecedented focus on the individuals and companies who are transforming the wellness industry. In addition to compelling Agenda elements, an expanded Tech Innovation Pavilion will allow delegates to experience first-hand the latest innovations shaping the future of global wellness.

What GWS Delegates are saying:

“I’m thrilled to help create the 2022 GWS, which will have a powerful focus on innovation across all wellness industry sectors. My goal is to immerse attendees in the best and brightest ideas being developed by companies across the wellness spectrum and have them meet the leaders who are shaking up the industry,” noted Alroy. “I’m also excited to welcome delegates to Israel, not only the ‘Start-Up Nation’ but also a beautiful, vibrant, ethnically diverse culture of warm people.”

– Amir Alroy, Welltech Ventures, Israel


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