The robust agenda at this year’s Global Wellness Summit (GWS) will touch on every aspect of the global wellness economy. Meet these recently announced speakers inviting you to re-think entrenched ideas that have traditionally shaped the health and wellness landscape.

These speakers join the growing list of thought leaders on the agenda at the 2022 GWS in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, Israel, where innovation and ancient cultures come together on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The business of wellness is open, and the world is demanding more than ever the innovations, forward-thinking and investments that result from the annual GWS each year. Expand your network, be inspired and gain competitive edge as we propel our industry forward by joining together with the leading minds in the business of wellness and prevention.

Evelyne Bischof, MD, MPF, FEFIM

Longevity Physician at Human Longevity; Chief Associate Physician Internal Medicine, Renji Hospital of Jiaotong University School of Medicine; Associate Professor Shanghai University of Medicine, Switzerland, US, China

Dr. Bischof is a longevity physician integrating precision AI-based monitoring with deep aging analysis and individualized therapies to help patients achieve healthy longevity and optimal performance. A Harvard-and Columbia-trained physician and author of over 80 peer-reviewed papers. she is passionate about next-generation medical technology, and the applications of AI for biomedical research and practice, digital health and innovative technology.  Dr. Bischof sits on several scientific and advisory boards for biotech and longevity hubs.

Mickey Beyer-Clausen

Co-founder & CEO, Timeshifter®, US

Mickey Beyer-Clausen is a Danish-born, New York-based entrepreneur with a track record of building genre-defining companies. Currently, he is the co-founder and CEO of Timeshifter, the world’s first technology platform for circadian time—and the most advanced circadian analytics and solutions platform designed to improve human performance, safety and health. Before founding Timeshifter, he co-founded several other businesses, including Trunk Archive and Ascio Technologies. He is also the founder and chairman of the Happiness Foundation.

Ronni Gamzu, MD, PhD

CEO, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Israel

Dr. Ronni Gamzu, CEO of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, was named Israel’s first COVID czar, leading national efforts to combat the pandemic and craft  the ‘traffic light’ model, which has been widely adopted as the COVID protocol for public health policy. He is a professor of gynecology, an associate professor of public health and health and business administration, and he co-chairs the ‘Physicians for Management Leadership’ program at the Business School of Tel Aviv University.

Sharon Handelman-Gotlib

Healthcare and Ageing Business Development Manager, Sompo Digital Lab Tel Aviv, Israel

An expert in femtech and women’s health, Sharon Handelman-Gotlib provides insights on the important role of wellness in the future of the insurance industry. She is healthcare and ageing business development manager at Sompo Digital Lab Tel Aviv, an insurance industry innovator that demonstrates collaboration between big business and startups. Handelman-Gotlib brings to life a model for partnering with startups, research institutions, and health and government organizations to create technology solutions in the many sectors impacted by wellness.

Aradhana Khowala

CEO and Founder, Aptamind Partners, UK

Aradhana Khowala is CEO and founder of Aptamind Partners, a consultancy focused on regenerative tourism. A strategy expert in travel and hospitality, diversity and inclusion, and women’s health, Khowala’s entrepreneurial career spans 75+ countries. She was named an “Inspirational Game Changer” by the 21st Century Icon Awards from CNBC and the London School of Economics and is chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest regenerative tourism project.

Varda Shalev, MD, MPH

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Alike, Israel

Varda Shalev, MD, MPH, a powerhouse in preventative and digital healthcare, is a professor of epidemiology and preventive medicine at Tel Aviv University School of Public Health. Author of over 250 publications in peer-reviewed journals, she is director of BATM, a provider of disruptive medical technologies, and founder/CEO of the Maccabi Health Data Science Institute. Shalev also co-founded Alike.Health, a startup using the power of artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing and big data to reimagine preventative healthcare.

Tzipora Strauss, MD, MSc

Director of Neonatology and Pediatric Physician, City of Health, Israel

Tzipora Strauss, MD, MSc, is the director of neonatology and a pediatric physician at Israel’s “City of Health,” Sheba Medical Center, ranked by Newsweek as among the World’s Top Ten Hospitals for the past three years. Recently, Dr. Strauss has expanded her focus to longevity (a hot topic at the Summit) and is now co-leading a center for longevity medicine at Sheba University. She will speak on the radical reimagining of lifespan in healthcare and wellness.

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