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Global Wellness News™ | February 9th, 2023

These Trends Will Define How We Travel in 2023

When we look at 2023, several factors will shape how we travel this year. Of course, there’s the economy and concerns about a possible recession. Add to that the rising cost of, well, just about everything due to inflation, and travelers are keeping closer tabs on their spending.

Brain health

Stress from the pandemic raised concerns about mental health in people of all ages, especially teenagers. Now, mindful practices are taking a biological turn as consumers are doing more to feed and pamper their brains. The stress of lockdowns during the pandemic aged teenage brains up to three years according to a study published in Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science late last year.

Zwift Continues to Level Up With $620M Investment

In the world of at-home fitness apps, Zwift is carving its own path – and it has plenty of capital to do so. The company isn’t turning a profit yet, co-founder Eric Min told Bloomberg, but it has raised $620 million in funding from investors including Amazon’s Alex Fund, KKR and Co., and Permira Holdings.

Despite 2022’s headwinds, women’s health startups did better than ever before

TechCrunch conducted a vibe check to see where this sector stands, and found a prevailing sense of guarded optimism.

Has the Goop bubble burst? The appetite for celebrity wellness is waning

If someone were to ask you where they might be able to source some Psychic Vampire Repellent Spray ($27/£22), billed as “a unique and complex blend of sonically tuned gem elixirs”, or some $125,000 Hock Design Goldloft Dumbbells made of 18 carat gold, or a seat designed solely to steam-clean your vagina, the chances are Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop would spring to mind.

People Science Raises $5.3 Million To Revolutionize The Way Alternative Medicines Are Studied

People Science, a direct-to-consumer scientific research company providing a scaled research and development (R&D) platform for alternative medicines, today announced $5.3 million in a second seed round of funding led by Acre Venture Partners with participation from Bluestein Ventures, THIA Ventures and FORM Life Ventures.
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