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Global Wellness News™ | August 23rd, 2022

Aman Hotels Now Valued at $3 Billion After $900 Million Fresh Investment

Aman Group has received a $900 million investment from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and Cain International, the London-based privately-held real estate investment firm. The transaction now values the Swiss hospitality brand at $3 billion, said Cain in a press statement.

5 investors explain why longevity tech is a long-term play

Of all the stories passed on through history, the tales of life unending have persisted in the human imagination without much change. The details differ, but nearly every civilization right from the time of the Egyptians has in some form or the other sought to delay death.

In The Aftermath Of The Pandemic, Wellness Is The New Luxury | Jing Daily

The wellness sector in China has surged in the fallout from the pandemic. Consumers in the country reported the highest share of spending on wellness-related online products and services, according to McKinsey . With this increased interest, understanding of the market has also become more sophisticated.

Related Eyeing Sale for Equinox Hotel

Related Companies is ready to cut bait with the Equinox Hotel, only three years after opening. Stephen Ross’ firm has started work with an adviser to solicit interest for the property at 33 Hudson Yards, people with knowledge told Bloomberg. The 212-key property, which includes office and retail space, opened in 2019.

Climate optimism

Gen Z is taking climate change in stride, doing their part to combat it and reducing anxiety about it simultaneously. According to a 2021 survey by Wunderman Thompson Data for the Regeneration Rising report by Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, 66% of respondents express anxiety about how climate change will affect them personally, rising to 72% of generation Z.

Beauty Brand Predictions, Expectations, and Innovations: The Future Laboratory Innovation Debrief 2022

Pandemic-Induced Touch Deprivation After such a long time of being unable to come into close contact with one another, consumers seek tactile products that allow physical contact and stimulation of the senses. As a result, The Innovation Debrief Report explains how companies are delving into the pursuit of sensory strategies that encourage touch, smell, taste, and hearing.

New Instagram feature allows users to remove weight loss and weight control ads from their feeds

Instagram updated its Sensitive Content Control feature on June 6, and now users can filter out weight loss related ads on their news feeds. The update widens the feature that Instagram introduced last summer by allowing users to filter content on more than just their Explore page.

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