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Global Wellness News™ | Week of March 7th, 2022

Asia’s femtech revolution: the quest for better women’s health

ALICE FRENCH, KIRAN SHARMA, FRANCESCA REGALADO and LIEN HOANG, Nikkei staff writers TOKYO — International Women’s Day marks 67 days since the beginning of 2022. That is seven days more than the average number of school days a girl in Laos misses every year due to period poverty.

Liteboxer is the next contender in the VR fitness ring

If virtual reality social gatherings aren’t your cup of tea, we don’t blame you. But it’s hard to deny that putting on an immersive headset and punching stuff sounds kind of fun.

Club W Offers Small Bites of Fitness, Wellness to Attract the ’80 Percent’

Club W, a new Australian wellness concept (planning to franchise in the US) is aimed at the “forgotten 80%” in fitness: people over 50 intimidated by all the beautiful, fit people at gyms

Inside the Peak Wellness Movement

Amanda Chantal Bacon’s ideal morning wellness routine? Twenty minutes of meditation, a 30-minute sweat in her infrared sauna, and a 10-minute shower. But with a toddler running around and a 10-year-old she has to get out the door each morning, the founder of Moon Juice is doing her routine at breakneck speed.

Peloton ex-CEO John Foley sells $50 million in stock to Michael Dell’s investment firm

Peloton co-founder and ex-CEO John Foley has sold about $50 million in stock to an investment firm backed by Michael Dell, MSD Partners, according to a securities filing. The sale involved about 1.92 million shares, the Wednesday filing said. Foley still owns enough after the sale to maintain effective voting control of Peloton.

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