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Global Wellness News™ | May 31st, 2022

How Old Are You Really? Meet Your ‘Biological Age’

Biological age-a measure of health that can be more or less than your chronological age-might help determine your quality of life as you get older, scientists say. The idea behind biological age is that your cells and organs have ages that vary from your regular age.

Why Designers Think Wellness Rooms Could Replace Home Gyms

There’s nothing like a pandemic to both overhaul our lives and cause us to rethink them entirely. Even now, many of the pandemic habits we picked up over these last few years and life changes we originally thought were temporary-like hybrid schedules and home offices -have managed to remain in our present-day lives.

Wellness work incentives

American retail giant Walmart announced a Mental Health First Aid training program in May, available virtually and in person at Walmart’s Bentonville Home Office. The training will teach company associates how to provide assistance and support for coworkers, friends, and people in their community who are experiencing mental health challenges.

‘Move-to-earn’ Solana app StepN is latest crypto gaming craze

Since its launch in December, StepN, an app that lets users walk and run to earn tokens, has quickly become a household name in the play-to-earn blockchain gaming, or GameFi, world. Two to three million users worldwide are now active on the app every month, StepN’s co-founder Jerry Huang rece…

Luxury US wellness hotel Miraval to open on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea will welcome another new addition to its luxury travel destinations next year with the launch of the first Miraval resort outside the United States. Miraval The Red Sea will open on Shaura Island, the central feature of the Red Sea Development Project.

Egyptian health and wellness platform Esaal raises $1.7M to scale across MENA

There’s a vast unmet demand for medical consultation in developing markets like Egypt due to low doctor supply. As of 2018, Egypt’s doctor to citizen ratio stood at 1:2,000; you can paint a picture when you walk into any government hospital and see long queues. These problems and pandemic-changing …

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