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Global Wellness News™ | October 13th, 2022

Selina Pushes Into Music Festivals and Wellness Retreats

It’s a tantalizing opportunity for Selina to start producing music festivals and wellness retreats at its hospitality venues through new brands. No lifestyle hotel group has cracked the festival space yet, and wellness has lots more room to run.

Eli Manning, Theo Epstein, Drive by DraftKings back Spren in closing more than $11 million in seed capital to launch camera-enabled biomarker platform

“Spren’s breakthrough technology is going to make a positive impact on the health of people across the globe. I’m excited to support this company and its mission,” said Theo Epstein, a three-time World Series-winning baseball executive.

Noom lays off more employees amid CFO departure

Noom, a diet and weight loss company, has cut staff for the second time in a matter of months. The layoffs impact the company’s coaches.

Circadian rhythm tech company Arcascope launches with $2.85M

October 12, 2022 The company plans to use the funding to add mental and behavioral health services Read more… Steven Loeb October 12, 2022 The company deploys Latino care teams that are made up of members of the community Read more…

SoulCycle in a spin cycle as brand cuts top instructor pay, classes

Is the formerly furiously fashionable SoulCycle spinning out of control? The cult fitness brand – which made its name by making superstars out of instructors, and counting celebs such as Beyoncé, David Beckham and Madonna as fans – is putting the brakes on some of its top earners.

Namaste Out of Office: Why You Need to Plan a
Corporate Wellness Retreat Now

Remember when offering bottles of green juice at morning meetings seemed revolutionary? Now corporate groups are taking ice bath classes and breathwork sessions as part of full-on wellness retreats. And it’s not just high-level executives
going on ayahuasca-fueled vision quests in their pursuit to biohack their way to immorality.
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