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Global Wellness News™ | October 18th, 2022

Active Design Advisors Lands $3.5M From RET Ventures, Kilroy Realty

Active Design Advisors Inc. (Adai) has secured a strategic capital investment led by real estate technology fund RET Ventures with additional investment from Kilroy Realty, Commercial Observer can first report. RET’s investment comes from its RET Ventures ESG Fund called Housing Impact Fund, which was raised primarily from multifamily owners.

How Did Healing Ourselves Get So Exhausting?

Wellness has become yet another obligation to fit into our schedules. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and transport yourself mentally back in time to the year 2013. The actor and wellness entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow is making an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show to promote some “all-natural tricks to revitalizing your body from the inside out.”

Americans Aren’t Sold on Plant-based Meat

Plant-based eating has its benefits, but consumers are slow to buy in. What’s happening: A Deloitte survey said plant-based meats are suffering from a perception problem, leading to declining sales. 46% say they would pay a premium for it, sliding 9% from 2021.

How a Diabetes Drug Became the Talk of Hollywood, Tech and the Hamptons

At least once a day, Nancy Rahnama’s clinical nutrition practice in Beverly Hills, Calif., gets a call from a patient looking for a diabetes drug that they’ve heard can help them lose weight fast. “They specifically say, ‘How much is it to get Ozempic?'” Dr. Rahnama said.

High Design: The Revolution Taking Over Cannabis Dispensaries

As cannabis legalization has become more widespread, retailers are getting increasingly serious about the design and branding of their shops. At Wyllow, a weed store in Los Angeles, a goal is to create a multi-sensory shopping experience that includes a cannabis terpene scent installation and custom LED-lighting that evolves from day to night.

Samsung partners with HealthTap to bring virtual primary care
to smart TVs

Samsung is teaming up with a digital health company to bring virtual care into consumers’ homes through their smart TVs.Through a new partnership with virtual primary care company HealthTap, Samsung Smart TV users can connect to the company’s healthcare platform and visit with a doctor of their choice using the
built-in camera on their television, according to the companies in a press release.
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