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Global Wellness News™ | Week of February 28, 2022

The Wellness Vibe is Shifting

I’m reading Chuck Klosterman’s latest book The Nineties, and it’s making me think about how future generations will define the Lululemon-clad wellness mania of the last decade. How will they view a time when we wore athleisure everywhere, discussed plant-based diets ad nauseam, and put our faith in CBD tinctures?

Super-prime of life: the rise of ‘wellness’ apartments

Every morning, Filippa Hallersbo and Marco Passanante follow the same routine. As soon as they wake, they drink water with squeezed lemon juice and do some breath work.

Digitally-native wellness company Therabody expanding in brick-and-mortar

A high-tech wellness product and services company plans to expand its physical footprint with two formats.

Deepak Chopra and European investors back new wellness start-up as it prepares for M&A spree

The Healing Company, a new business set up to acquire consumer health brands, has been backed by wellness icon Deepak Chopra, psychedelics entrepreneur Christian Angermayer and Dragons’ Den investor Steven Bartlett.

Bloomingdale’s, Sephora and the Embrace of Sexual Wellness

With careful rebranding, word choice and packaging, products like vibrators and lubricants have become newly palatable to higher-end retailers. A recent email from Sephora promoted the usual: mascaras, face masks and blush compacts. But tucked among those products was a promotion for “intimate care,” encouraging shoppers to try two brands that were new to the retailer – Maude and Dame Products.

Aviron looks to game home fitness with its connected rowing machine

Gamification is nothing new on the exercise front, of course. It’s been a foundational element of fitness bands – and later smartwatches – essentially since the beginning. And for good reason – it’s great for motivation and engagement, whether it’s a Fitbit or a game of Beat Saber…

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