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Global Wellness News™ | March 17th, 2022

Heightened Health and Wellness Focus in Retail Sales Continues, Even as Pandemic Fears Recede, Reports NPD

Port Washington, N.Y., March 14, 2022 – It’s not all that shocking to note that over the course of the pandemic consumers focused more intensely on health and wellness. However, what is surprising is the fact that nearly two years after the pandemic hit the U.S.

Here Come the Artificial Intelligence Nutritionists

Companies are experimenting with personalized diet apps, saying the future of healthy eating is A.I. After 20 years of living with Type 2 diabetes, Tom Idema had given up hope of controlling his condition. He had tried many diets that proved unsuccessful and even considered weight loss surgery.

Welltodo | How Wellness Brands Are Responding To The Ukraine Crisis – Welltodo

Since Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine on 24 February, triggering the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War Two, wellness businesses have been scrambling to provide support, raise funds and communicate messages of solidarity with the victims of Vladimir Putin’s war.

DeepWell wants to make gaming a bigger part of mental health treatment and self-care

Media and games helped many of us maintain our mental health during the last couple years of dread, but it isn’t just pure escapism: studies suggest games in particular provide unique therapeutic benefits. DeepWell is a new startup from games and medical industry veterans that aims to study a…

TRIB3 Plans Expansion into the United States, Adds Rob Barker to Team

Boutique fitness franchise TRIB3 has started preparation to expand into the United States, bringing on board Rob Barker as non-executive director to help support that expansion, the company announc | The company has brought on former Precor and Peloton executive Rob Barker to help it with its expansion plans.

A Ketamine Clinic Treads the Line Between Health Care and a ‘Spa Day for Your Brain’

Thanks to legal loopholes and a patchwork of compelling research, businesses like Nushama in New York City are writing the rules as they go. The décor of the Nushama Psychedelic Wellness Clinic was designed to look like bliss.

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