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Global Wellness News™ | July 7th, 2022

The pandemic has fundamentally changed companies’ relationship with mental health

In 2018, serial entrepreneur Russell Glass had a realization: “The world was not going to be able to ignore mental health much longer,” he told Quartz. That year, he took a job as the CEO of Ginger, an app companies use to provide clinical mental health help, like psychotherapy and even psychiatry, to staff.

Faeth Therapeutics closes $20M seed to turn nutrition into a pillar of cancer treatment

A hot bowl of pad thai simmers in front of you. The taste and texture is exactly what you might expect from a quick takeout dinner, but it’s not just a meal – it’s medicine. This hypothetical bowl of pad thai would be part of a cancer-fighting regimen created by startup Faeth Therapeuti…

Hotel Spas Expand Into Mental Wellness Beyond the Staple of Massage

Hotels in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Mexico are expanding the offerings of their spas to add hyperlocal wellness services when reopening post-covid. Some hotels used the pandemic pause to rethink their offerings. Some are broadening their spa services away from just body-based treatments such as

Lululemon’s New Hike Collection Takes You From the Summit to the Streets

During the pandemic, going into nature felt like medicine, therapy, and exercise all at the same time. As a result, hiking trails across the country were being used 200% more than normal. The mountains were calling, as the great conservationist John Muir famously said, and everyone went.

HALEO Virtual Sleep Clinic Acquires $5.2 Million in Seed-Extension Funding – EnterpriseTalk

HALEO, a world-renowned professional virtual sleep clinic, today announced it has closed a CAD $5.2 million (US $4.04M) Seed-Extension financing round to accelerate business growth across the United States and Canada. Boreal Ventures and AQC Capital led the round, along with investments from Investissement Québec, Desjardins Capital, Real Ventures and the Pan-Canadian Consortium MEDTEQ+ (with support from the Government of Canada).

Prism aims to make wellness stories more accessible, less cringe

It still creeps me out that the Instagram algorithm knows what I’ll click on, buy, or sign up for far too well. My Explore page is a dangerous place for my wallet, full of videos about skincare, pretty nail designs, interesting salad and fresh fruit juice recipes, makeup product reviews, and, probably, a lot of Goop-y misinformation about health and wellness.

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