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Global Wellness News™ | June 30rd, 2022

Hotels Are Taking Wellness to Extremes, From IV Drips to MRIs

Soaking in a porcelain tub with petal-thin lime slices fluttering around my limbs, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m stuck inside one of those fruit water dispensers that used to proliferate at co-working spaces. I’m actually taking the waters, by way of an elaborate DIY Ayurvedic “bath ritual” now on offer at the Peninsula Hotels.

Why Is Perimenopause Still Such a Mystery? (Published 2021)

Over 1 billion women around the world will have experienced perimenopause by 2025. But a culture that has spent years dismissing the process might explain why we don’t know more about it. Angie McKaig calls it “peri brain” out loud, in meetings.

Are personalized vitamins the future of wellness?

If you’ve ever been confused about what vitamins can do for you and which vitamins you should be taking, Walter Faulstroh and Brad Helfand can relate; they were once baffled consumers, too. They’ve since learned a lot about vitamins and are now CEOs of vitamin companies-HUM Nutrition and Vous Vitamin, respectively-that offer consumers personalized products and advice.

Consumers swap period tracking apps in search of increased privacy following Roe v. Wade ruling

Consumers are ditching their current period tracking apps in favor of what they perceive to be safer options in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision that allows individual U.S. states to criminalize abortion.

With glamping, an Israeli tourism growth sector gets in tents

Fancy a holiday on a Jerusalem roof, waking up to a bird’s eye view of the city? Recently opened Gag Eden offers just that for the eight guests it can accommodate at a time.

New Trends in Retirement Living

Older 55+ communities are wooing residents back with wellness, nature and cultural connections In 2008, Janice Barton was vacationing at Serenbe, a biophilic, or nature-centered, community in the Chattahoochee Hills about 30 miles outside of Atlanta.

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