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Global Wellness News™ | October 11th, 2022

‘Food-as-Medicine’ Startups Draw Venture Capital

Startups are creating diets tailored to patients’ medical needs, betting that specially-designed foods can work as powerful weapons against disease. Interest among venture capitalists in the medical potential of food has risen as the understanding of diet’s role in disease has grown.

Body Care as the New At-Home Device Frontier

The UK-based company WellTech recently made its technology, which can help with medical issues like rebuilding cartilage and healing tendons, available for at-home use on the face and body. It is the first clinic-grade skincare laser of its kind to be cleared by the FDA for this purpose, a feat which took 18 months to complete.

Clerkenwell Health raises £2.1m to test the new wave of psychedelics treatments

Clerkenwell Health a psychedelic-specialist clinical research organisation, has raised £2.1m in seed funding, bringing the total to date up to £2.5m, which will be used to get the London startup-based fully operational.

Essity Launches Issviva, a New Menopause Platform and Brand, in the U.K. and Brazil

October is menopause awareness month and Essity is marking the occasion with the launch of Issviva, a new menopause platform and brand, in the U.K. and Brazil. Issviva is an e-commerce platform that provides knowledge, solutions and products for women during the various stages of the menopause.

How Wellness Is Weaved Into Most New Projects

From students to seniors and affordable to affluent, apartment communities offering wellness features have strong appeal. Features will vary by region and population, so determining which ones make sense for your property will be a customized experience. Here’s what seven industry pros have found in their work.

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