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Global Wellness News™ | August 30th, 2022

Kate Moss just stripped naked to launch her new wellness and beauty line

Supermodel Kate Moss, who once upon a time was famed for her love of late night parties, drinking and for allegedly saying ‘why the f*ck can’t I have fun all the time?’, has been subtly evolving over the past few years – embracing sobriety, gardening and a slower pace of life in the Cotswolds.

Virtuoso reveals insights into high-net-worth travel habits

Research has revealed that luxury travel is booming, with HNW individuals planning to spend more and do more travel in the coming years. Jenny Southan reports According to a research from global travel agency network Virtuoso, the majority of wealthy travellers are planning to spend more on travel in 2023 than in 2019.

Peloton’s Quarterly Loss Tops $1.2 Billion as Bike, Treadmill Sales Plunge

Peloton Interactive posted a $1.2 billion loss in the most recent quarter and, in a race to save itself, is eschewing some fundamental aspects of its decade-old business model. The once-hot maker of connected fitness equipment said Thursday that its quarterly revenue fell nearly 30% and warned it would spend more cash than it brings in for several more months.

Amsterdam’s stress predicting NOWATCH clocks $8.7 million

Amsterdam-based wearable healthtech startup NOWATCH has raised $8.7 million in funding. The company’s flagship product, a watch with no face, is able to predict stress triggers and alert wearers up to an hour in advance. The new capital serves to turn the dials on R&D efforts, expanding the company’s customer base, and augmenting the team size.

The new doctor’s office

Acknowledging the growing inaccessibility of healthcare, social impact start-up Fabric Health is bringing services to the most unlikely places. In Philadelphia they are offering mammograms, skin cancer screenings and blood tests at laundromats.

Seattle mental health startup Alongside raises $5.5M, aims to test app with schools

A new startup is emerging in Seattle with plans to partner with schools to support adolescent mental health. Alongside is developing an app that interacts with students through a chatbot and guides them to resources like videos of other students experiencing similar issues.

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