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Global Wellness News™ | June 7th, 2022

Well To Do | Rina Raphael | Substack

Cheryl wasn’t too happy about a proposed wellness elective course at her daughter’s high school. She was surprised to discover that the 10th-grade wellness course was only available to girls. In it, students would learn yoga, nutrition, Pilates, and sedentary spa activities that required many “sparkly” personal care products.

3 New Credit Cards With Rewards for Wellness Spending | Well+Good

So much of being well comes along with a price tag-and often, it’s a hefty one. At a baseline level, feeling in control of your finances and confident that you can meet your core needs (both now and in the future) is key to avoiding money-related stress and achieving financial wellness.

Once a Taboo Topic, Menopause Is (Finally) Having Its Wellness Moment

This past spring, a small group of women gathered at the Beaverbrook estate in Surrey, England, a 470-acre country idyll outside London that once received guests including Elizabeth Taylor and Ian Fleming. The sprawling property, which has become a destination for wellness programs featuring everything from lectures on traditional Chinese massage to Wim Hof’s cold plunges, had lured attendees for a women’s health retreat.

Vana aligns with Six Senses with aims to become world’s most iconic wellness retreat | spabusiness.com news

Established Indian destination spa and retreat Vana has been taken over by global hotel group Six Senses. The property in Dehradun, India, has since been renamed Six Senses Vana. Launched in 2014 by Veer Singh, Vana is a 21-acre wellness destination surrounded by clusters of Sal forest, and set within its own mango and lychee orchards.

Cannabis dining

Nostalgia, a new bar and restaurant opened in April 2022, is bringing cannabis drinking and dining to Santa Monica. The bar serves cannabis infused cocktails and mocktails, and diners can book the private dining space for cannabis-based dinners prepared by former Michelin-starred chef Christopher Sayegh.

Berlin-based Inne.io secures a further €9.3 million to expand hormone-tracking tech | EU-Startups

In the world of healthcare, there are two things that certainly stand out – 1) women’s health care is dreadfully underfunded, and, 2) we want healthcare to be more personalized and digitalised. Addressing both of these truths, Inne.io is leveraging technology to empower women to understand their reproductive health.

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