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Global Wellness News™ | March 24th, 2022

‘The dollars are massive’ when you invest in women’s health, venture capitalist says

Women’s health companies are at a pivotal moment of recognition, according to Deena Shakir, a partner at the venture capital firm Lux Capital. According to Lux Capital, the value of its portfolio of women-led companies has risen to $10 billion. That’s from the venture capital firm’s $100 million investment in women-led companies.

Circadian skincare

4AM skincare released a new set of minimalistic serums that claim to maintain the skin’s natural circadian rhythm. Using an extract from the plant Lespedeza Capitata, the serum formulations combat the harmful effects that blue light from screen usage and lack of sleep have on the natural cycle that occurs in the skin each night.

Lululemon launched its first-ever sneaker, designed specifically for women

The Blissfeel Running Shoe is the first model in the footwear collection, which launched today. According to Lululemon, the sneaker is said to be comfortable and supportive enough to keep you running for miles. Before shaping the design, the Lululemon team worked with foot morphology and biomechanics experts to create the perfect footbed for female feet.

After Record-Setting Year, Developers Aim for Connectivity, Wellness

After two years of uncertainty, the outlook for commercial real estate development is positive, especially after a record year for CRE sales. As pandemic impacts linger, like hybrid work and supply chain disruptions, commercial real estate developers are catching up with these changes and adjusting plans accordingly.

Billabong Retreat listed for sale as ‘wellness tourism’ attracts big bucks

Allison Worrall | After surfing the rising tide of wellness tourism for over a decade, the founders of Sydney’s Billabong Retreat are selling. It is the third major eco-retreat to hit the market in just six months, with price expectations above $25 million.

How Ancient Chinese Wisdom Is Revolutionizing C-Beauty | Jing Daily

We are seeing a renaissance of indigenous Chinese wisdom. And, from this, a new generation of brands in the beauty and wellness space. From skincare to supplements, innovative C-beauty businesses are looking towards China’s homegrown systems of value to inform the concepts and ingredients of their products.

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