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Global Wellness News™ | November 17th, 2022

Maven Clinic Raises $90M In Year’s Largest Femtech Round

Maven Clinic , a teletherapy startup focused on women’s health, announced on Monday it raised $90 million in Series E funding. The round was led by General Catalyst , with additional participation from I ntermountain Ventures , Sequoia Capital and CVS Health Ventures .

Hilton Surveys Find Guests Define Wellness More Broadly After Pandemic

Wellness talk seems to spread at about the same pace as people’s waistlines. But if you look beneath the averages, you’ll really find a consumer segment that shops for trips that enhance their well-being. Many travelers have been thinking of their wellness more holistically since the pandemic, according to surveys in seven countries commissioned by Hilton Hotels and released on Monday.

Genetically engineered plant cleans air better than 30 air purifiers

Sunday Nov 13, 2022 A Paris-based startup has developed a genetically engineered plant with enhanced natural purifying properties that can clean the environment better than 30 air purifiers. Not only the plant can add colour to the room, but it can also clean the air and create healthier surroundings.

Why fashion brands are opening standalone gyms

As the fashion-meets-fitness wave gains steam, brands are going beyond dressing customers for the fitness studio by becoming gyms themselves. Activewear brands Lululemon, Sweaty Betty and Athleta have long offered on-site workouts as part of the retail experience, but they have yet to go so far as to open a standalone fitness space.

Spiritual And Self-Improvement Economies On The Rise In China | Jing Daily

The pandemic has changed attitudes on spending, leisure and entertainment due to deeper shifts in human values and happiness. In China, and across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a stratospheric rise in spiritual and self-improvement consumption. Natural pursuits, physical health, and mental wellbeing are all rising to the forefront when it comes to purchases.

Ceros Financial Services Arranges $7.5 Million Financing for Wesper

Wesper, the first clinical-grade FDA cleared platform that brings the full cycle of sleep therapy to home users, raises $7.5 million
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