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Global Wellness News™ | July 14th, 2022

Therapy on Aisle 7: Retailers Are Entering the Mental Health Market (Published 2021)

Call it the ultimate in “retail therapy.” Now you can shop for mental health services at CVS, Rite Aid and other national chains. Finding a therapist can be a tough and time-consuming process involving multiple phone calls, waiting lists and insurance hurdles.

African Americans are creating their own mindfulness spaces

In the tiny Virginia town of soybean fields and no stoplights where Kimberly Matthews-Williams grew up, her Black church was family, and that felt really good – on Sundays. On her own later, as a student in D.C., something was missing, and she looked for a spiritual practice that felt to her like a connection to the universe, one she could carry into her every day, and began Buddhist chanting groups.

Peloton will stop making its own exercise equipment

Peloton will stop making its own bikes and treadmills, a drastic change for the struggling company aimed at cutting costs and ensuring its ability to remain afloat.

Backed by Tiger Global, Intellect is creating culturally competent mental health care for Asia

Mental health startup Intellect’s ambitious goal is to be available across the Asia-Pacific region, but to ensure localized, culturally competent care in each of the many markets it serves. Today it announced it has added $10 million to its war chest in a Series A extension led by Tiger Global, bringing the round’s total to $20 million.

Hydrow launches Wave, a smaller and cheaper smart rowing machine | Engadget

When it debuted back in 2019, Hydrow’s creators said that they were looking to build the Peloton of smart rowing machines. Now, four years later, the company is unveiling its second-generation ergometer, Hydrow Wave, with a lower price and a smaller footprint.

Supercharged travel

Bombardier’s Global 7500, which began flights with VistaJet in March, flies at high-speeds at a higher altitude than a standard flight. Leona Qi, President of VistaJet US, tells Wunderman Thompson Intelligence that the addition of the Global 7500 fleet compliments the brand’s “unparalleled bespoke services” and adds to VistaJet’s “luxury of endless travel possibilities.”

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