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Global Wellness News™ | July 28th, 2022

Exceptional Ventures joins Europe’s health and wellness gold rush with a new $24M fund

With the after-effect of the pandemic set to play out for years, VCs specializing in health, wellness and general ‘joy’ would appear to have rising fortunes. Funds such as Able Partners and Joyance have appeared in recent years to invest in startups that make people’s lives healthier, or at least m…

The growing thirst for mood-boosting drinks

“Like a hit of sunshine for your mind,” reads the tagline to Kin Spritz – a drink from Kin Euphorics’ line of sparkling non-alcoholic drinks. Co-founded by supermodel Bella Hadid, the range of “mood-boosting” beverages, packaged in pastel cans and infused with adaptogens and nootropics such as Schisandra and L-Theanine, promise to help “conjure inner peace” and “unlock heart-opening joy any time of day”.

Blood oxygen sensing is finally rolling out on the Oura Ring

SpO2 sensors, which enable blood oxygen monitoring, were one of the marquee upgrades when Oura announced its third-generation smart ring. The only catch was that, even though the new Oura Ring had the necessary hardware, the feature itself was still in the works.

Slack-integrated employee wellness platform Kona raises $4M – SiliconANGLE

Techstars-backed employee experience platform provider Kona has raised $4 million in seed funding to boost its mission of helping companies boost the mental health of employees working remotely. Today’s round in the company, officially known as Sike Insights Inc., was led by Unusual Ventures and included participation from Evolutionary Ventures, 2.12 Angels, Louis Beryl, David Carrico, James Beshara and former Amazon.com Inc.

TikTok’s Favorite Fitness Trend Is A Dream For WFH Body Aches

In the land of FitTok, you’ll find a wide range of grueling ab challenges, cardio workouts, and videos of people showing off how much weight they can lift. On the more gentle end of the spectrum, however, mobility training has taken TikTok by storm: The hashtag #mobilityTikTok has already racked up over 35 million views and shows folks promoting stretchy routines as a way to feel more flexible and, well, mobile.

Menopause Startup Lisa Health Launches Its New “Midday” App After Raising $2.5M in Seed Funding

Menopause startup Lisa Health has raised $2.5M in seed funding led by Radical Ventures and announced the launch of its new app, Midday, which has been created in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. Other investors in the round include SRI International and Broadway Angels.

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