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Global Wellness News™ | August 25th, 2022

This smart mood ring is supposed to monitor mental health – without changing colors

Startup Happy Health is looking to give the mood ring a “smart” makeover. Instead of dubious color-changing stones, it has created the Happy Ring, which aims to alert users about their mental health using biometric sensors and artificial intelligence.

Peloton strikes a deal to sell fitness equipment and apparel on Amazon

Peloton has struck a partnership with Amazon in a bid to broaden its customer base and win back investors’ confidence, as revenue growth slows from pandemic highs and its stock price plunges. In its first foray outside of its core direct-to-consumer business, Peloton starting Wednesday will be hawking a selection of its connected-fitness equipment and accessories on Amazon’s website in the U.S.

A Pill to Make Exercise Obsolete

What if a drug could give you all the benefits of a workout? Save this story for later. Save this story for later. It was late summer, and the gray towers of the Salk Institute, in San Diego, shaded seamlessly into ocean fog. The austere, marble-paved central courtyard was silent and deserted.

Cycle-focused femtech startup, 28, grabs backing from Thiel Capital

Meet 28: A U.S.-based femtech startup founded by a wife and husband team that’s scored $3.2 million in seed funding in a round led by Thiel Capital with a fitness and wellness pitch that aims to connect women to the hormonal phases of their menstrual cycle for physical and emotional gain.

Next gen heat tech

Engineers at Duke University have developed a device which uses electrochromic technology to quickly change their window-like panels between heating and cooling. The idea is that the panels could go on the roofs of buildings or houses, reducing heating and cooling energy usage by up to 20%.

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