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Global Wellness News™ | May 12th, 2022

An Experimental Health Tracker Senses How Drunk You Are

Imagine a future where, after a night of bar-hopping with friends, you can whip out your phone, consult a smartphone app connected to a wireless device stuck to the side of your arm, and find out exactly how hammered you are.

Peloton’s earnings are even worse than expected

Market watchers were anticipating a rough quarter for Peloton, but not quite this bad. The beleaguered connected fitness company missed revenue estimates by $6 million, reporting $964.3 million – that’s down from $1.26 billion from this time last year. Losses for the quarter hit $757.1 million.

Millions of Americans Are Turning to Therapy, and Investors See an Opportunity

Psychiatrists and psychologists once ran their own practices. Now the local therapist office could be controlled by a buyout king. Venture capitalists and private-equity firms are pouring billions of dollars into mental-health businesses, including psychology offices, psychiatric facilities, telehealth platforms for online therapy, new drugs, meditation apps and other digital tools.

Glamping Swept China’s Social Media This Labor Day Holiday | Jing Daily

Short trips and staycations were how Chinese spent their Labor Day holiday this year, amid What Happened: COVID-19 control measures and ongoing domestic travel restrictions. Of these, “glamping” (glamorous camping) came out on top. According to travel booking site Qunar, ticket sales for parks that allow campsites increased by over 50 percent compared with the same period last year.

Historic Aspen castle to become wellness retreat

The owners of the luxury St. Regis in Aspen – which has become an even bigger hotspot for New Yorkers during the pandemic – have bought a historic castle.

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