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Global Wellness News™ | May 10th, 2022

SoulCycle Without the Bike: Here Comes Peoplehood

For their second act, the fitness entrepreneurs Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler are building a company centered on workouts for the self. Since last summer, a start-up in beta mode has been soliciting volunteers to take part in 55-minute sessions called “gathers,” where strangers discuss their deepest hopes and fears.

And Now, the $200,000 Face-Lift

Luxury cosmetic procedures reach next level prices. As the famous F. Scott Fitzgerald line goes, the rich are different from you and me – and apparently so, too, are their face-lifts.

Wearable technology promises to revolutionise health care

I T IS A stealthy killer. When the heart’s chambers beat out of sync, blood pools and clots may form. Atrial fibrillation causes a quarter of more than 100,000 strokes in Britain each year. Most of those would never happen if the heart arrhythmia were treated, but first it has to be found.

Well To Do | Rina Raphael | Substack

“We can’t do, use, or buy anything!” “Just threw away like half my makeup.” “[This is] scaring the shit out of me right now.” “I can’t believe these [beauty] companies are trying to slowly kill us.” These are just several of the terrified responses to the HBO documentary series “Not So Pretty,” now going viral on social media platforms, and especially on TikTok.

The US femtech market is booming, with room for many startups to grow

The news: There were two buzzworthy developments in the femtech space closing out last week and starting off this week. 1. Women’s virtual care startup Tia partnered with UCSF Health to open a new clinic in the Bay area, per Fierce Healthcare. This marks Tia’s second partnership with a major health system.

WSJ News Exclusive | Peloton Seeks Minority Investment to Shore Up Business

Peloton Interactive Inc. is exploring a sale of a sizable minority stake, in an effort to shore up its business as the once-hot bike maker’s stock continues to sink. The fitness company is targeting potential investors including industry players and private-equity firms that could take a stake of around 15% to 20%, according to people familiar with the matter.

Psychedelics startups are on a long journey to consumer markets, but these 5 VCs are taking the ride

“Like a pressure cooker, COVID blew the lid off what was a simmering mental health crisis for over a decade,” VC Tim Schlidt told TechCrunch. According to the World Health Organization, the global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25% in the first year of the pandemic.

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