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Global Wellness News™ | November 17th, 2022

The $4,990 Ice Bath

The $4,990 ice bath: Cold-plunge enthusiasts are spending big on home tubs and spa classes. Devotees say the practice helps with mental clarity, pain management and even weight lossciting proponents like Wim Hof and Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman
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Predictions 2023: Retail Health, Decentralized Trials, And Wellness Are On The Front Lines

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated healthcare transformation by a decade, yet unprecedented challenges persist, creating a bottleneck in healthcare innovation efforts. Hospitals are at a tipping point and the road ahead is grim. The looming recession, new competitive entrants in the healthcare space, and familiar constraints like sweeping workforce shortages, chronic disease, and supply chain crises are colliding and require healthcare organizations to take immediate action.

Tiny Health Raises $4.5M to Launch Its Gut Health Test Tailored to Expecting Parents and Infants

Tiny Healt h, a gut health testing company, has secured $4.5M in funding to launch the first at-home microbiome gut test to help parents monitor and optimize babies’ gut health development from conception onwards. The round is led by TheVentureCity, a global early stage venture fund investing in product-centric startups across the US, Europe and LatAm.

For Fitness Buffs and Landlords, Gyms Are Hot Again

For fitness buffs and landlords, gyms are hot again (Hoping to capitalize on the powerful interest in communal experiences, fitness chains are reconfiguring their spaces, offering more room to exercise and better amenities)
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Healthline survey: The pandemic-era enthusiasm for wellness is still growing, yet cost is an increasing barrier for many, exacerbating the economic divide in health and wellness
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SHA Wellness founder launches global real estate development firm, AB Living Group | spabusiness.com news

Alfredo Bataller, founder of established Spanish destination spa Sha Wellness Clinic (SHA), has launched a real estate development firm called AB Living Group (AB Living). AB Living is the totality of AB Wellness (responsible for the SHA brand), AB Hospitality and AB Properties. The new firm’s first project is The St.

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