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Global Wellness News™ | July 26th, 2022

Opinion | Electricity Is the New Medical Miracle

Kelly Owens was a medical mystery, her teens and 20s blighted by a cascade of seemingly unrelated health problems that left her debilitated. For a decade and a half she was put on one medication after another-22 in all-to little effect. Then electricity saved her.

Accessible travel

One billion people around the world have some sort of disability, according to the World Health Organization. Wunderman Thompson Data finds that 89% of people globally think that businesses need to design physical environments so that they are accessible to all.

Ava gets acquired by FemTec Health

The medtech Zurich-based startup advancing women’s health announced being acquired by Houston-based FemTech Health. Ava is a Venture Kick, Venture Leaders Technology, and China alumni and was elected among the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 5 years in a row.

Can Pickleball Save America?

The sport, beloved for its democratic spirit, could unite the country-if it doesn’t divide itself first. Save this story for later. Save this story for later. As in politics, a few famous families dominate pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in America. One is the Johnsons, of Florida.

HelloBiome Launches To Help Companies Gain Insights Into The Skin Microbiome To Make Products Effective For It – Beauty Independent

That’s among the insights HelloBiome, an AI-powered microbiome assessment and data platform by the people behind microbiome-friendly skincare brand Dr. Elsa Jungman who’ve created an at-home test measuring skin microbiome health, has gleaned about the skin microbiome.

Whoop becomes latest fitness technology firm to cut jobs – SportsPro

Whoop valued at US$3.6bn last year Company recently launched Whoop 4.0 platform Whoop has become the latest fitness technology company to cut jobs in response to lower demand in a challenging economic climate, reducing its headcount by 15 per cent.

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