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Global Wellness News™ | August 4th, 2022

The Evolving Conversation on Health and Wellness

Exclusive insights powered by The Twitter Conversation Report Two years ago, as the pandemic took hold, many people talking about health and wellness focused on the challenges they were facing in a tone that could best be described as reactive. Conversations were more often about how people felt their health may be out of their control.

Intimate luxury

Chanel plans to open private boutiques in Asia starting in 2023 to cater to its top clients. Chanel CEO Philippe Bondiaux stated that the brand will “invest in very protected boutiques to service clients in a very exclusive way.”

The empire is in deep trouble, so why do people love F45?

Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size Australian fitness giant F45 is known for its fast-paced moves, though not the kind it is currently receiving attention for. It has found itself in deep trouble as swiftly as it has risen to global fitness prominence.

Pause Wellness Studios Partners with REP’M Group to Take Leap into Franchising

CORNELIUS, N.C. , /PRNewswire/ — REP’M Group, a full-service franchise growth enabler that helps emerging franchise concepts scale quickly and confidently, has announced they have added Los Angeles-based Pause Wellness Studios to their portfolio of established brands. REP’M will work to develop the brand’s franchising strategies in order to further expand the brand’s presence in additional markets.

MIT engineers develop stickers that can see inside the body

Ultrasound imaging is a safe and noninvasive window into the body’s workings, providing clinicians with live images of a patient’s internal organs. To capture these images, trained technicians manipulate ultrasound wands and probes to direct sound waves into the body. These waves reflect back out to produce high-resolution images of a patient’s heart, lungs, and other deep organs.

‘Health Is the New Wealth’

From a single Toronto motel in 1961, Four Seasons has mushroomed into a global luxury portfolio with 124 hotels, 50 branded residences and at least 30 real estate projects in its pipeline. With over-the-top amenities like IMAX-style screening rooms, in-unit pools, and private beaches, Four Seasons residences often set price records in their respective markets-no small feat, considering the category’s ever lofty prices.

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