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Global Wellness News™ | December 13th, 2022

The New Science of Wellness

Modern medicine battles disease using sophisticated science and technology. Today’s wellness industry taps ancient and modern methods to keep people healthy. With careful reporting and expert-written commentary, The New Science of Wellness explores how emerging field of phenomics, which harnesses health-related data to stop disease before it starts.

Serena Williams’ new venture focuses on recovery

The tennis champion debuts Will Perform, a range of topical pain-relief and muscle-care products designed for both superstar athletes as well as everyday aches and pains.
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9 Wellness Trends to Ditch in 2023

Experts say we ought to stop overusing melatonin, ditch toxic body positivity, and not seek out weight-loss drugs if we don’t have the conditions they’re approved to treat.

How ‘circadian hacking’ can help with far more than sleep

t’s 8.30pm on a gloomy November evening and I’m sitting on the sofa under a tartan blanket and wearing a pair of orange-lensed specs. My other half regards me with bemusement.

Global Wellness Brand Hyperice Opens its First Pop-Up Store at Harrods – Retail Focus – Retail Design

Global high-performance wellness brand, Hyperice, opens its first pop-up shop at luxury department store, Harrods. Founded in 2010 by Anthony Katz, Hyperice started as an ice and compression sleeve but has since evolved into a performance and recovery technology movement. Today, the company is a holistic high-performance wellness brand with numerous product lines and categories.

Approachable luxury, authenticity and local flavours inspire new hotel and spa brand Appellation | spabusiness.com news

A new collection of urban retreats focused on food, wellness, local produce and authenticity are set to launch across the west coast of the US in the next 10 years. The group’s hotels, restaurants and spas will all be owned, managed and operated by a new hospitality company called Appellation.

HealthKart raises $135 million funding led by Temasek

HealthKart, in its current avatar, was formed in 2015 after the original brand HealthKart Plus saw its pharmaceuticals segment being hived off into 1mg, which is currently backed by the Tata Group. The company was originally founded in 2011 by Prashant Tandon and Sameer Maheshwari, who now head 1mg and HealthKart, respectively.

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