Freddie Moross

Senior Marketing Manager, Cutting Edge Group

Freddie Moross (27) works as the Senior Marketing Manager for his family’s business Cutting Edge Group, a leading independent music media company. Freddie is responsible for devising the marketing and distribution strategies for the Group, particularly focused on the wellness music lifestyle brand, myndstream. Freddie’s vision for the brand is to create an inclusive wellness community that harnesses the power of music to improve mental wellbeing. Freddie is particularly inspired by the incredible results musical therapy can have on improving the lives of children with learning and developmental disorders. Freddie is in the process of creating a new platform to provide those involved within the pastoral care system for children, including healthcare and educational professionals, with the tools they need to put the children’s mental wellbeing first.

Prior to joining CEG, Freddie spent the first three years of his career in the assurance department at PwC, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant (ACA). It was during this time, Freddie developed a passion for mental health one that is a primary consideration in all strategies he develops today.

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