Become a Delegate

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) welcomes delegates from all continents and countries. Formal invitations to the Summit are sent to a targeted list of top-level executives who are decision makers in the $4.5 trillion global wellness industry. All invitees have either applied or been nominated and then approved based on their position within their organizations, their backgrounds, and/or their stature as a business- or thought-leader in the wellness arena or a complimentary industry. Representatives from diverse sectors (including architecture, beauty, consulting, education, fitness, finance, hospitality, investment, manufacturing, medicine, nutrition, real estate, spa, technology, travel, tourism and other related industries) are invited to attend. Year-to-year, the criteria for acceptance to the Summit as a delegate may change depending on location, size of venue, theme, etc.

The GWS has a policy of only accepting up to two delegates from the same company to attend the Summit; this allows the event to have as many companies as possible present at the gathering. Those companies who commit to a sponsorship are eligible for special benefits, one of which includes the possibility of three people attending from the same company.

The GWS expects the Summit to sell out each year; because of this, they give priority to senior executives in their companies. This ensures that all delegates in attendance are at the executive management level, and that the discussions and presentations are of the highest quality and among peers. In the case of someone who is not at a senior management level, but still wishes to attend, they must register along with the owner or CEO in order to be considered. Exceptions may be made under rare circumstances and at the sole discretion of Summit leadership.


A discounted spouse rate is offered to the significant others of registered delegates. Please note that spouses are invited to attend all conference sessions and social functions. If multiple invitees from a common organization would like to attend, each invitee must register individually at the full delegate rate. The spouse rate cannot be applied towards a family member, business partner or other employee.

Application Process

Anyone interested in attending an upcoming Summit, who has not already received an invitation, is asked to complete an application that will need to be submitted along with a bio. Once received, the application is reviewed based on various criteria. The following are some of the criteria generally used to qualify an applicant for inclusion in this intimate, high-level gathering:

a) Must be the most senior person in the company or the leader of a major division or region within the company (i.e. owner, founder, partner, CEO, senior vice president, managing director, principal, executive director, etc.)
b) Company must be operational for a minimum number of years having reached significant size
c) Government organizations, tourism boards, medical institutions and other associated businesses should be able to demonstrate why their organization wishes to participate in the Summit
d) Persons from educational institutions (university level or higher) should provide information demonstrating relevance
e) Consultants must demonstrate a minimum number of years of operation, and be able to provide a list of clients and completed projects
f) Associations must have a direct relevance


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