Shark Tank of Wellness Student Global Competition

The “Shark Tank of Wellness” student global competition is a unique global challenge in which university students have the opportunity to submit their most innovative, impactful idea for the wellness industry.

We define the wellness industry broadly and are looking for innovations in sectors as varied as architecture/design, beauty, education, fitness, hospitality, investment, medicine, nutrition, real estate, spa, technology, travel, tourism, and more.

Submissions take the form of a written application as well as a short one to two minute video presentation of the idea. The top three finalists are flown to the location of the annual Global Wellness Summit to defend their ideas to the Wellness Sharks for a chance to win their share of $10,000.

2017 Shark Tank of Wellness Finalists at The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida

1st Place Winner:

Jarrod Luca developed an EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a new therapy used with a virtual reality headset to treat sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and anxiety disorders.(received USD $5,000)

First Runner Up:

Maria Gil developed a pHealth toothbrush, which encourages people to a consume a less acidic diet.(received USD $2,500)

Second Runner Up:

Mikey Ahdoot developed the Every Damn Day app, which tracks habits, motivates users and matches them with an accountability partner.(received USD $2,500)

Top three 2017 Finalists competing on-stage in front of the “Wellness Sharks”

2016 Shark Tank of Wellness Finalists in Kitzbühel, Austria

1st Place Winner:

Shahrin Ali with “Mukto Sanitary Napkin”  (received USD $5,000)

2nd Place Winners (tied) :

Svjetlana Radakovic with “Spa Watch” (received USD $2,500)
Regina Tarány 
with “Treat Advisor” (received USD $2,500)

2016 Finalists competing on-stage in front of the “Wellness Sharks”