Explore PowerPoint Presentations and Transcripts by Topic

The Global Wellness Summit is excited to make available (to anyone in the industry) most PowerPoint presentations and transcripts, relating to all past Summits.


  • 2018- Shaping Space: Architecture, Wellness and the Italian Aesthetic: PowerPoint (Antonio Citterio)
  • 2018- Wellness in Design: From the Cradle to the Departure Lounge: PowerPoint (Clodagh)
  • 2018- Good Life – Healthy Living: Matteo Thun’s Experience and Vision: PowerPoint (Matteo Thun)
  • 2018- Wellness Architecture: Placemaking for Wellness: PowerPoint (Liz Terry), PowerPoint (Veronica Schreibeis Smith)
  • 2017- Wellness Architecture: From Environmental Health to Human Wellbeing: PowerPoint (Veronica Schreibeis Smith)
  • 2017- Wellness Architecture and R.O.W. (Return on Wellness): The Long-Term Impact of Building Well (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2017- The Experience of Purposeful Interior Design: PowerPoint (Debra Duneier)
  • 2016- Wellness Architecture and Design: Insights and Inspiration: PowerPoint (Ann Marie Aguilar & Victoria Lockhart), PowerPoint (Lars Krückeberg), PowerPoint (Liz Terry)
  • 2014- Architect’s Peek into the Future: PowerPoint (Anthony DiGuiseppe), PowerPoint (Didier Lefort), PowerPoint (Abigail Levy), PowerPoint (Bob Henry), PowerPoint (Luciano Mazza), PowerPoint (Veronica Schreibeis Smith)

Art & Creativity

  • 2018- Creativity Drives Business…and Results: PowerPoint (Gina Diez Barroso de Franklin)
  • 2017- What Have We Wrought? The Price of Humankind’s Path Towards Accelerated Modernization: PowerPoint (Justin Brice Guariglia)
  • 2015- Healing the World Through Art: PowerPoint (Jose Rivelino Moreno)
  • 2014- Jump Start Your Creativity: An Experiential Presentation: Transcript (Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel)
  • 2014- Managing the Creative Process: Transcript (Peter Rummell)


  • 2018- Algorithmic Beauty: Looking Through the Lens of Technology and AI: PowerPoint (The Future Laboratory)
  • 2018- Buildings, Beauty, and the Brain: A Neuroscience of Architectural Experience: PowerPoint (Dr. Anjan Chatterjee)
  • 2018- The Concept of Wellness in Fashion: PowerPoint (Jessica Jesse)
  • 2017- How Your Brain Decides What Is Beautiful?: PowerPoint (Dr. Anjan Chatterjee)
  • 2017- How Can Beauty Contribute to Wellness? Preliminary Findings from the Much-Anticipated Report: Transcript, PowerPoint(Dr. Anjan Chatterjee) (Disclaimer: Transcript still to be reviewed by Dr. Chaterjee)
  • 2017- The Growth Impact of Wellness on the Big Business of Beauty (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2016- Beauty and Wellness: A Fresh Way Forward: PowerPoint (Mark Wuttke)
  • 2016- What Neuroscience Teaches us about Beauty: PowerPoint (Claudia Aguirre, PhD)
  • 2015- The Brain Skin Connection: PowerPoint, Transcript (Claudia Aguirre, PhD)
  • 2015- The Hidden Brain in The Skin: PowerPoint, Session Summary (Claudia Aguirre, PhD)
  • 2014- Brain Science and the Impact on Leadership, Beauty and Spas: PowerPoint (Dr. Daniel Friedland)


  • 2017- WHAT IF: Imagining the Unimaginable Impact of Technology on Your Business: PowerPoint (Paul Price)
  • 2017- Discerning WELLNESS Fact from Fiction in a World of Fake News: The Media Speaks (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2016- Generational Harmony: Keeping Pace & Keeping Peace: PowerPoint (Universal Companies)
  • 2016- Millennials: Spoiled for Choice and Very Stressed – How to Attract and Satisfy this New Generation of Traveler: PowerPoint (Irene Forte)
  • 2015- Calling all Consultants: What Can We Accomplish Together that We can Not Accomplish Alone?: Session Summary
  • 2015- Strategic Storytelling in the Language of the Day: Keeping Your Message Relevant and Your Profits High: PowerPoint (Kim Marshall), PowerPoint (Theresa DiMasi), Session Summary
  • 2015- The Business of Creativity, and the Creativity in Business: PowerPoint (Gina Diez Barroso)
  • 2015- The Millineals and Wellness Report: PowerPoint (Rodney Mason)
  • 2014- Media Panel: Getting the New Generation’s Attention: PowerPoint (Kim Marshall), PowerPoint (Organic Spa), Transcript, Discussion Summary

Economy & Finance

  • 2017- What Wellness Investors are Thinking, Saying and, Most Importantly, Doing (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2017- 10 Good Reasons to Go for a Walk and Other Wellness Ideas: PowerPoint (Mary Anne Malleret, Thierry Malleret)
  • 2016- The European Economy from a Wellness Point of View: PowerPoint, Session Summary (Barbara Kolm, PhD)
  • 2016- Macro Economic Changes Underway Affecting Wellness: Who is at Risk and Who will be the Winners?: PowerPoint (Thierry Malleret)
  • 2015- Outlook for a World Where Wellness May Become Mandatory: PowerPoint, Transcript (Thierry Malleret)
  • 2014- Rotorua: Creating the Health & Wellness Capital of the South Pacific. A Journey of the People: PowerPoint (Malcolm Short)
  • 2013- Spa, Wellness and Tourism: An Industry at the Confluence of Global Mega-Trends: PowerPoint, Transcript (Thierry Malleret)
  • 2012- Understand the World or Imagine the World: Transcript (Philippe Bourguignon)


  • 2016- Career Development Initiative: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Career Development Initiative, Global Wellness Institute)
  • 2015- Corporate Spa Directors (Past or Present): Session Summary
  • 2015- Galvanizing Career Development, Mentorship and Internship Programs: PowerPoint, Session Summary (Career Development Initiative, Global Wellness Institute)
  • 2014- A Revolutionary Way to Make Training Profitable: PowerPoint (Anna Bjurstam)
  • 2014- Entice. Encourage. Elevate!: Mentorships, Internships and Promoting Careers in Spa & Wellness: Session Summary
  • 2013- Global Spa Education Forum: Session Summary


  • 2016- Honoring the Past – “BACK to the Future”: Video Clip (Balthasar Hauser)
  • 2013- Update on the Whole World Water Initiative: PowerPoint (Sonu Shivdasani)
  • 2012- A Creative New Business Model ~ A Unique Facial Spa: PowerPoint, Transcript (C.K. Low)
  • 2012- Global Business at the Forefront of the Low Carbon Economy: Transcript (Jose Maria Figueres-Olsen)
  • 2012- Sanus Per Aquam…for All, Imagination is the Voice of the Daring: PowerPoint, Transcript (Charlene Florian); PowerPoint, Transcript (Sonu Shivdasani)

Fitness & Nutrition

  • 2018- Food. It Just Got Personal: PowerPoint (Neil Grimmer)
  • 2018- Forget Wellness! The Future is Food: PowerPoint (David Bosshart)
  • 2018- You Are What You Eat…But Also What You Do: PowerPoint
  • 2018- Online Coaching Services Generating Revenue: Bridging the Gap Between Sport, Health and Wellness: Audio Recording, PowerPoint (iGetBetter)
  • 2017- Forecasting the Future of Fitness: Transcript
  • 2015- Nutrition Panel: What is the New Healthy? Rethinking Paradigms & Guidelines: PowerPoint (Alfredo Bataller), Powerpoint (Nils Behrens), Powerpoint (Samantha Gowing), Session Summary

Future & Trends

  • 2018- Understanding the American Wellness Obsession with CBD: Why the Cannabis- and Hemp-Derived Ingredient Has Taken Off: PowerPoint (Melisee Gelula)
  • 2018- The Impact of China on Wellness…and Everything Else: PowerPoint (Catherine Feliciano-Chon)
  • 2017- Wellness 2030: Key Trends for a Growing Economy in anRapidly Changing World: PowerPoint (David Bosshart)
  • 2015- Gerontopoly: Session Summary (Edie Weiner)
  • 2015- Two Trends in 2 Minutes: PowerPoint
  • 2012- Pursuit of Global Health and Wellness: The Value Proposition of the Future: Transcript (Dr. Richard Carmona)


  • 2017- Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? That Is Not the Question…The Glass is “Refillable”: PowerPoint (Silvia Garcia)
  • 2017- Solve for Happy – Engineering Happiness: PowerPoint (Mohammad Gawdat)
  • 2017- Happiness, Positive Psychology and Well-Being: Where are the Opportunities?: Transcript
  • 2013- The Fascinating History of Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index and What it Means for the Future: PowerPoint, Transcript (Dasho Karma Ura)
  • 2012- Introduction: Will Power and the Pursuit of Happiness: Transcript (Dr. Andrew Weil)
  • 2012- Spas and the Science of Happiness: PowerPoint, Transcript (Jeremy McCarthy)


  • 2018- Generational Collaboration: Successfully Mixing Business and Family: PowerPoint (Sir Rocco Forte and Irene Forte)
  • 2017- Hotels, Alternative Accommodations and Wellness: PowerPoint (Jan D. Freitag)
  • 2016- Can Wellness Be Sustainable & Stylish? PowerPoint (Lefay Resorts)
  • 2014- Imagining the Future: PowerPoint (Adam Glickman), PowerPoint (Brian Povinelli)
  • 2013- Global Hotel Spa Forum: PowerPoint, Summary Session
  • 2013- Guts to Glory: Creating an Award Winning Luxury Hotel Brand: PowerPoint (Kapil Chopra)

Hot Springs & Hydrothermal Therapies

  • 2018- Italian Thermalism: From Roman Times to the Future: PowerPoint (Dr. Nicola Angelo Fortunati)
  • 2017- Thermalism, Health Spas, Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy in China: PowerPoint (Jie Wang)
  • 2017- Water, Wellness, Wealth and the Inner Well of Being: PowerPoint (Dr. Marc Cohen)
  • 2016- Hot Springs Austria – Present & Future: PowerPoint (Tom J. Bauer)
  • 2016- Hydrothermal Initiative – Guide to Hydrothermal Spa & Wellness Development Standards: PowerPoint (Don Genders)
  • 2016- Roots & Wings: The Enduring Legacy of Wellness: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Anne Bramham)
  • 2016- Soaking Up History: Steaming into the Hot Springs (R)Evolution: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Hot Springs Initiative, Global Wellness Institute)
  • 2016- The Naked Truth about European Spa and Wellness Traditions: PowerPoint
  • 2016- Waters of Wellness: PowerPoint (David Clay Large)
  • 2015- The Business of Hot Springs and Why They are so Hot!: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Hot Springs Initiative, Global Wellness Institute)
  • 2014- Promoting Hydrothermal Businesses Discussion and Introducing the ‘Guide to Hydrothermal Spa Development Standards’: PowerPoint (Don Genders), PowerPoint (Cassandra Cavanah)
  • 2014- Thermal Renaissance: Stories from a Heated Earth: Summary Session (Hot Springs Initiative, Global Wellness Institute)
  • 2013- Global Hot Springs Forum: PowerPoint (Balneotherapy), PowerPoint (Charles Davidson), PowerPoint (Yoshiharu Hoshino), PowerPoint (Tibetan Medical Institute), PowerPoint (Initiatives), Summary Session (Hot Springs Initiative, Global Wellness Institute)
  • 2013- Global Hydro-Thermal Forum: Summary Session
  • 2013- Heating up the Hot Springs Market: PowerPoint (Yoshiharu Hoshino)


  • 2015- Being My Own Boss: What I Have Learned about Holacracy: PowerPoint (Maggie Hsu)
  • 2012- Aspen Institute Panel: The Aspen Health Innovation Project: Barriers to Innovation and Promoting Innovation: Transcript
  • 2012- Final Remarks from Philippe Bourguignon: PowerPoint, Transcript
  • 2012- Five Crucibles of Innovation: PowerPoint, Transcript (Elizabeth Stephenson)
  • 2012- Keynote: Jamming: The Art of Getting Innovation Done: Transcript (John Kao)


  • 2017- Q & A with Dr. Andrew Weil: Transcript
  • 2012- If I Were 18 again!Transcript (Deborah Szekely)
  • 2012- Keynote Address with Governor John Hickenlooper, the State of Colorado: Transcript
  • 2012- One-on-One with Mariel Hemingway: Transcript

Personalized Wellness

  • 2018- Science Meets Personalization: A New Way to Experience Wellness: Audio Recording, PowerPoint (STARPOOL)
  • 2018- Epigenetics: PowerPoint (Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier)
  • 2017- DNA Testing: Understanding Results and Exploring Opportunities: PowerPoint (Ali Mostashari)
  • 2017- Change Your Genes, Change Your Health: The New Science of Epigenetics: PowerPoint (Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier)
  • 2017- Are DNA and Biomarker Tests Ready for Prime Time?: Transcript
  • 2017- The Surprising Way Wearable Technology Improves Your Health & Performance: Power Point 1, Power Point 2 (Matrixx Power Suit Company)
  • 2015- Epigenesis and Ingestible Technology: PowerPoint (Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier)
  • 2015- Miracle of Stem Cells: PowerPoint (Dr. Abraham Franklin)
  • 2015- The Latest with Stem Cells: PowerPoint, Session Summary (Dr. Abraham Franklin)

Prevention & Medical

  • 2018- WHO, What & Wellness: Where Does Wellness Fit at The World Health Organization?: PowerPoint (Dr. Ranieri Guerra)
  • 2018- In Search of the Perfect Health System: PowerPoint (Mark Britnell)
  • 2018- The First 1,000 Days 2.0: Matrix for Our Lifespan: PowerPoint (Sergio Pecorelli, MD, PhD)
  • 2017- Living to 160: PowerPoint (Dr. Michael Roizen)
  • 2017- The Transformative Power of Lifestyle Medicine: PowerPoint (Dr. Dean Ornish)
  • 2017- Understanding the Positive Implications of the Placebo Effect: PowerPoint (Alia Crum, PhD)
  • 2017- The Beginning of Human Life and Prevention of Chronic Disease: Reframing the First 1,000 Days Paradigm: PowerPoint (Sergio Pecorelli, MD, PhD)
  • 2016- Back to the Roots to Manage the Future: PowerPoint (Dr. Harald Stossier)
  • 2016- Do Short and More Frequent Spa Vacations Show Health Effect?: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Dr. Wolfgang Schobersberger)
  • 2015- Intestinal Microbiome, Fecal Transplants, Stem Cell Biology with Hair Follicles: PowerPoint (Cristine Chisholm, PhD)
  • 2015- Wellness, Mayo Clinic and the Ultimate Success: PowerPoint, Session Summary (Lisa M. Clarke, Jeff Kohl, Dr. Paul Limburg)
  • 2014- Traditional Medicine of Africa: PowerPoint (Gerry Bodeker)
  • 2013- Medical & Spa Tourism: Marriage Made in Heaven…or Shotgun Wedding?: PowerPoint, Transcript (Curtis Schroeder)
  • 2013- Why Medicine is Courting Wellness: PowerPoint, Transcript (Josef Woodman)
  • 2012- Let’s Neurovate: Know Your Brain to Imaginate and Innovate: PowerPoint, Transcript (Dr. Daniel Friedland)


  • 2018- The Highly Anticipated 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor Research Report: PowerPoint (Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung)
  • 2018- Blue Zones: The Full and Fascinating Story Begins: PowerPoint (Giovanni Mario Pes, PhD, MD)
  • 2017- Breaking Ground on Wellness Communities & Lifestyle Real Estate: PowerPoint (Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung)
  • 2016- Two Researchers with a lot of Balls: PowerPoint (Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung)
  • 2015- Wellness at Work Research Report: PowerPoint (Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung)
  • 2014- Global Spa & Wellness Economy Report: PowerPoint (Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung)
  • 2013- The Global Wellness Tourism Economy Report: PowerPoint (Ophelia Yeung)
  • 2013- The Truth about Wellness: PowerPoint, Transcript (David McCaughan)
  • 2012- Data, Dollars and Decisions: PowerPoint, Transcript (Jan Freitag)
  • 2012- Gaining a Competitive Advantage with a Treasure Trove of Data: PowerPoint, Transcript (Anna Bjurstam)
  • 2012- Our Traveler’s Health: A Matter of Life and Death: PowerPoint, Transcript (Andrea Foster)
  • 2012- Spa Management Workforce & Education: Addressing Marketing Gaps Report: PowerPoint, Transcript (Katherine Johnston)


  • 2018- Wellness X Retail X AI: So Many Things to Think About! PowerPoint (Dave McCaughan)
  • 2014- Promoting Wellness Through Your Retail Programs: PowerPoint (Paul Price)
  • 2014- The Future of Retail: Disruptive Technology, Curveballs, Dangerous Assumptions and Making It All Work: PowerPoint, Transcript (Paul Price)
  • 2013- Global Spa Retail Forum: Summary Session
  • 2013- Mystery Shopping for Experience, Consistency and Emotional Intelligence: PowerPoint, Transcript (Trent Walsh)

Social Impact

  • 2017- Wellness for Everyone. Emphasizing Happiness, Kids and Love: PowerPoint (Belgin Aksoy Berkin)
  • 2016- Passion Project: Global Wellness Day: Video Clip (GWD 2016 Around the World Celebrations)
  • 2016- Wellness for Cancer: PowerPoint (Julie Bach)
  • 2015- WellnessWarrior.org: PowerPoint (Deborah Szekely)

Spas & Hospitality

  • 2017- Future Focus: The Next Frontier in Spas, Hospitality, and Travel (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2015- Entertainment, Hospitality, Wellness; An Evolution: PowerPoint (Martin Boudreau and Iván Chávez)
  • 2015- Destination Spas/Wellness Retreats: Session Summary
  • 2015- How an Indigenous Practice Can Galvanize a Country’s Wellness Tourism: The Traditional Mexican Temazcal: PowerPoint (Bonnie Baker, Eduardo Rincon Gallardo and Fernanda Montiel)
  • 2014- Brimming with Opportunity: The Spa and Wellness Scene in Africa: PowerPoint (Spa & Wellness Association of Africa), PowerPoint (Saida El Idrissi)
  • 2014- Creating A Bright Future Together: PowerPoint, Session Summary (Belgin Aksoy)
  • 2014- Islamic Wellness Traditions: PowerPoint (Gerry Bodeker)
  • 2014- The Real Story of Moroccan Argan Oil: PowerPoint (Zoubida Charrouf)
  • 2013- Ancient Healing Traditions Across the Indian Sub-Continent: PowerPoint (Dr. Deepika Gunawant), PowerPoint (Dr. Marc Cohen)
  • 2013- Global Destination Spa Forum: Session Summary
  • 2012- Innovative Spa Marketing Campaign: Mexico: PowerPoint (Pedro Aspe), PowerPoint (Gina Diez Barroso), PowerPoint (Diana F. Mestre), Transcript


  • 2018- The Internet of Wellness Has Come Home: Introducing DARWIN: Audio Recording, PowerPoint (Delos)
  • 2018- The Latest Innovation in Light-Based Technology Which Significantly Increases Human Potential: Audio Recording, PowerPoint (LightStim)
  • 2017- A Realist’s Guide to the Changing Digital World: PowerPoint (Clare Martorana)
  • 2017- Meet the Wellness Robot! and Learn How This Technology Can Enhance Wellness: PowerPoint (Ramesh Caussy, PhD)
  • 2017- Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Bitcoin and Blockchain for Wellness: Fad or Future?: PowerPoint (Maggie Hsu)
  • 2017- Wellness in the Age of Technology: PowerPoint (Jeremy McCarthy)
  • 2013- Wired Wellness: Making it Personal: PowerPoint, Transcript (Clare Martorana)
  • 2012- Creating Intimacy with Technology: PowerPoint, Transcript (Nader Vasseghi)
  • 2012- Make Technology Work for You: Transcript (Ted Souder)


  • 2018- Blue Zones: The Full and Fascinating Story Continues: PowerPoint (Dan Buettner)
  • 2018- Mental Wellness: Pathways, Evidence and Horizons; Many Roads to the Mountaintop: PowerPoint (Prof. Gerry Bodeker, PhD)
  • 2017- Good News/Bad News: Mental Wellness and Technology (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2017- Wellness, Travel & Technology: Connected for Success: PowerPoint (Technogym)
  • 2017- The Art of Living Well: The Hour before Bed & the Hour after You Rise Can Yield Amazing Results: PowerPoint (Aromatherapy Associates)
  • 2016- Know Thy Self- Awareness Techniques for Personal and Global Transformation: PowerPoint (Weight Watchers)
  • 2016- Mental Detox: PowerPoint (Dietmar Mueller-Elmau)
  • 2016- Mental Toughness: PowerPoint (Stephan Eberharter)
  • 2016- Mental Wellness: Video Clip (Part I), Video Clip (Part II) (Prof. Gerry Bodeker, PhD)
  • 2016- Sauna Aufguss – Hot Doesn’t Get Any Cooler Than This!: PowerPoint, Video Clip, Summary Session (Lasse Eriksen)
  • 2016- Wellness at it was Meant to Be: PowerPoint (Dr. Franz Linser)
  • 2016- Why Eating Less and Exercising More Can Make You Fat!: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Stephanie Moore)
  • 2014- Back to the Future: Two Wellness Pioneers Discuss Their Journeys: PowerPoint (Donald B. Ardell), PowerPoint (Dr. John W. Travis), Transcript
  • 2014- Looking Back to Look Ahead: History of Wellness: Transcript (Donald B. Ardell and Dr. John W. Travis)
  • 2013- What is Wellness?: Transcript (His Holiness The Dalai Lama)
  • 2012- Looking at Coaching, Gadgets & Gaming: Could These Be Real 21st Century Solutions to Long-Term Lifestyle Changes?: PowerPoint, Transcript (Meg Jordan), PowerPoint, Transcript (Jay Williams)
  • 2012- Will Power: PowerPoint, Transcript (Jessica Alquist)

Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate & Communities

  • 2018- Creating an EcoSystem for Longevity: Blue Zone Communities: PowerPoint (Dan Buettner)
  • 2017- Don’t Forget about the Fun!: PowerPoint (John Cohlan)
  • 2017- Business Opportunities in Wellness Communities, Lifestyle Real Estate and Our Right to Live Well (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2016- Let’s Talk About Wellness Communities: Summary Session (Mia Kyricos)
  • 2014- Harvard’s Healthy Buildings Program: Introducing New Indicators and Vocabulary: PowerPoint (Joseph Allen)
  • 2015- Wellness Communities on the Rise: How Should We Measure & Attract Investment?: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Mia Kyricos)
  • 2014- Wellness Activation 101: Infusing Wellness into Hospitality and Residential Projects: PowerPoint (Alfredo Carvajal)
  • 2014- Wellness Communities/Wellness Living Real Estate: PowerPoint, Transcript, Summary Session (Alfredo Carvajal, Susan Harmsworth, Steve Nygren and Paul Scialla)
  • 2012- Imagining the Healthy Town of the Future: Transcript (Philippe Bourguignon, John Kao, and Peter Rummell)

Wellness Tourism

  • 2018- Future of Travel and the Risks of Overtourism: PowerPoint (Rafat Ali)
  • 2018- Wellness Travel Heals: For All Who Wish to Experience Adventure, Vitality, Joy and Deep Meaning: Audio Recording (Julie Bach and Biologique Recherche)
  • 2017- Millennials Are Not Wellness Newbies: Understanding What They Expect: PowerPoint (Alexia Brue, Melisse Gelula)
  • 2015- Is the Time Right for a Ministry of Wellness? Let’s Craft This Role Together: PowerPoint, Session Summary (Mayor Serge Dedina, Guillaume Lefevre, Renee Moorefield, PhD)
  • 2015- The Role of Wellness Tourism in Economic Development: Session Summary (Anni Hood)
  • 2014- Disrupting the Urban Model: PowerPoint, Transcript (Terry Stevens, PhD)
  • 2014- WelDest: How to Create a Competitive Health and Wellbeing Destination? PowerPoint (Susanna Saari)
  • 2014- Wellness Tourism Roundtable Forum Discussion Beyond The Data: Discussion Summary
  • 2013- Should Wellness Tourism Embrace Wellness of the Planet? The Business Case for Doing Well by Doing Good: Transcript (Costas Christ)
  • 2013- The Birth of Wellness Tourism: An Incredible Story: PowerPoint, Transcript (Amitabh Kant)

Workplace Wellness

  • 2017- Purpose-Driven Wellbeing and The Breakers Story: Transcript (Denise Bober and Jack Groppel, PhD)
  • 2015- Rapid-Fire Ideas: Innovations in Workplace Wellness: Session Summary
  • 2015- Understanding Workplace Wellness: Past, Present and Future Part I: PowerPoint (Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier)
  • 2015- Understanding Workplace Wellness: Past, Present and Future Part II: PowerPoint (Dr. Fikry Isaac)
  • 2015- What do Successful Workplace Wellness Programs Look Like?: PowerPoint (Roberto Arjona), PowerPoint (Enrico Bracesco), PowerPoint (Michelle Hocking), Session Summary
  • 2014- Leading the Future of Corporate Wellness: What is Our Industry’s Role?: Session Summary