Explore PowerPoint Presentations and Transcripts by Topic

The Global Wellness Summit is excited to make available (to anyone in the industry) PowerPoint presentations and transcripts from past Summits.


  • 2019- Architecture for Humankind: One Race, Many Cultures: PowerPoint (Veronica Schreibeis Smith)
  • 2018- Shaping Space: Architecture, Wellness and the Italian Aesthetic: PowerPoint (Antonio Citterio)
  • 2018- Wellness in Design: From the Cradle to the Departure Lounge: PowerPoint (Clodagh)
  • 2018- Good Life – Healthy Living: Matteo Thun’s Experience and Vision: PowerPoint (Matteo Thun)
  • 2018- Wellness Architecture: Placemaking for Wellness: PowerPoint (Liz Terry), PowerPoint (Veronica Schreibeis Smith)
  • 2017- Wellness Architecture: From Environmental Health to Human Wellbeing: PowerPoint (Veronica Schreibeis Smith)
  • 2017- Wellness Architecture and R.O.W. (Return on Wellness): The Long-Term Impact of Building Well (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2017- The Experience of Purposeful Interior Design: PowerPoint (Debra Duneier)
  • 2016- Wellness Architecture and Design: Insights and Inspiration: PowerPoint (Ann Marie Aguilar & Victoria Lockhart), PowerPoint (Lars Krückeberg), PowerPoint (Liz Terry)

Art & Creativity

  • 2018- Creativity Drives Business…and Results: PowerPoint (Gina Diez Barroso de Franklin)
  • 2017- What Have We Wrought? The Price of Humankind’s Path Towards Accelerated Modernization: PowerPoint (Justin Brice Guariglia)


  • 2019- How Stressed Are You? Cultural Stress, Your Skin and Your Self: PowerPoint (Dr. Howard Murad)
  • 2019- What’s your green prescription? How nature can positively impact your daily wellness regime: PowerPoint (Anna Teal)
  • 2018- Algorithmic Beauty: Looking Through the Lens of Technology and AI: PowerPoint (The Future Laboratory)
  • 2018- Buildings, Beauty, and the Brain: A Neuroscience of Architectural Experience: PowerPoint (Dr. Anjan Chatterjee)
  • 2018- The Concept of Wellness in Fashion: PowerPoint (Jessica Jesse)
  • 2017- How Your Brain Decides What Is Beautiful?: PowerPoint (Dr. Anjan Chatterjee)
  • 2017- How Can Beauty Contribute to Wellness? Preliminary Findings from the Much-Anticipated Report: Transcript, PowerPoint(Dr. Anjan Chatterjee) (Disclaimer: Transcript still to be reviewed by Dr. Chaterjee)
  • 2017- The Growth Impact of Wellness on the Big Business of Beauty (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2016- Beauty and Wellness: A Fresh Way Forward: PowerPoint (Mark Wuttke)
  • 2016- What Neuroscience Teaches us about Beauty: PowerPoint (Claudia Aguirre, PhD)


  • 2019- Creating a Purpose-Driven Organization: PowerPoint (Dr. Binod Kumar Chaudhary)
  • 2019- New Life Builders: Aging Is Better Than You Think!: PowerPoint (Dave McCaughan)
  • 2019- The Business of Purpose: PowerPoint (Patricia Dwyer)
  • 2019- The New Emerging 50+: Unpacking the Most Powerful, Discerning Consumer in History: PowerPoint (David Harry Stewart)
  • 2017- Purpose-Driven Wellbeing and The Breakers Story: Transcript (Denise Bober and Jack Groppel, PhD)
  • 2017- WHAT IF: Imagining the Unimaginable Impact of Technology on Your Business: PowerPoint (Paul Price)
  • 2017- Discerning WELLNESS Fact from Fiction in a World of Fake News: The Media Speaks (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2016- Generational Harmony: Keeping Pace & Keeping Peace: PowerPoint (Universal Companies)
  • 2016- Millennials: Spoiled for Choice and Very Stressed – How to Attract and Satisfy this New Generation of Traveler: PowerPoint (Irene Forte)


  • 2019- A Lifetime of Sensible Environmentalism to Share: PowerPoint (Bill Bensley)
  • 2016- Honoring the Past – “BACK to the Future”: Video Clip (Balthasar Hauser)

Future & Trends

  • 2019- Energy Medicine…Woo Woo or What??: PowerPoint (Anna Bjurstam)
  • 2019- J Wellness: The Future of Wellness in Japan: PowerPoint (Yoriko Soma)
  • 2019- Mission Accomplished: Wellness Is a Global Force…What’s Next?: PowerPoint (Susie Ellis)
  • 2019- Welcome to the Asian Century: PowerPoint (Catherine Feliciano-Chon)
  • 2019- Why Be Wild about China?: PowerPoint (Mei Zhang)
  • 2018- Understanding the American Wellness Obsession with CBD: Why the Cannabis- and Hemp-Derived Ingredient Has Taken Off: PowerPoint (Melisee Gelula)
  • 2018- The Impact of China on Wellness…and Everything Else: PowerPoint (Catherine Feliciano-Chon)
  • 2017- Wellness 2030: Key Trends for a Growing Economy in anRapidly Changing World: PowerPoint (David Bosshart)
  • 2017- Future Focus: The Next Frontier in Spas, Hospitality, and Travel (Roundtable): Transcript


  • 2017- Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? That Is Not the Question…The Glass is “Refillable”: PowerPoint (Silvia Garcia)
  • 2017- Solve for Happy – Engineering Happiness: PowerPoint (Mohammad Gawdat)
  • 2017- Happiness, Positive Psychology and Well-Being: Where are the Opportunities?: Transcript


  • 2018- Generational Collaboration: Successfully Mixing Business and Family: PowerPoint (Sir Rocco Forte and Irene Forte)
  • 2017- Hotels, Alternative Accommodations and Wellness: PowerPoint (Jan D. Freitag)
  • 2016- Can Wellness Be Sustainable & Stylish? PowerPoint (Lefay Resorts)

Hot Springs & Hydrothermal Therapies

  • 2018- Italian Thermalism: From Roman Times to the Future: PowerPoint (Dr. Nicola Angelo Fortunati)
  • 2017- Thermalism, Health Spas, Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy in China: PowerPoint (Jie Wang)
  • 2017- Water, Wellness, Wealth and the Inner Well of Being: PowerPoint (Dr. Marc Cohen)
  • 2016- Hot Springs Austria – Present & Future: PowerPoint (Tom J. Bauer)
  • 2016- Hydrothermal Initiative – Guide to Hydrothermal Spa & Wellness Development Standards: PowerPoint (Don Genders)
  • 2016- Roots & Wings: The Enduring Legacy of Wellness: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Anne Bramham)
  • 2016- Soaking Up History: Steaming into the Hot Springs (R)Evolution: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Hot Springs Initiative, Global Wellness Institute)
  • 2016- The Naked Truth about European Spa and Wellness Traditions: PowerPoint
  • 2016- Waters of Wellness: PowerPoint (David Clay Large)


  • 2019- Mindful Warriors: Conquering the Future with Lessons from the Past: PowerPoint (Nash Siamwalla, PhD)
  • 2019- Message from Your 90-Year-Old Self: PowerPoint (Belgin Aksoy)
  • 2019- Architecture for Humankind: One Race, Many Cultures: PowerPoint (Veronica Schreibeis Smith)
  • 2017- Q & A with Dr. Andrew Weil: Transcript

Investment & Economics

  • 2017- What Wellness Investors are Thinking, Saying and, Most Importantly, Doing (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2017- 10 Good Reasons to Go for a Walk and Other Wellness Ideas: PowerPoint (Mary Anne Malleret, Thierry Malleret)
  • 2016- The European Economy from a Wellness Point of View: PowerPoint, Session Summary (Barbara Kolm, PhD)
  • 2016- Macro Economic Changes Underway Affecting Wellness: Who is at Risk and Who will be the Winners?: PowerPoint (Thierry Malleret)

Personalized Wellness

  • 2018- Science Meets Personalization: A New Way to Experience Wellness: Audio Recording, PowerPoint (STARPOOL)
  • 2018- Epigenetics: PowerPoint (Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier)
  • 2017- DNA Testing: Understanding Results and Exploring Opportunities: PowerPoint (Ali Mostashari)
  • 2017- Change Your Genes, Change Your Health: The New Science of Epigenetics: PowerPoint (Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier)
  • 2017- Are DNA and Biomarker Tests Ready for Prime Time?: Transcript
  • 2017- The Surprising Way Wearable Technology Improves Your Health & Performance: Power Point 1, Power Point 2 (Matrixx Power Suit Company)

Physical Activity & Nutrition

  • 2019- From Appealing to Healing: The Future of Food: PowerPoint (Peggy Chan)
  • 2019- Move to Be Well: The Global Economy of Physical Activity: PowerPoint (GWI Researchers, Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung)
  • 2018- Food. It Just Got Personal: PowerPoint (Neil Grimmer)
  • 2018- Forget Wellness! The Future is Food: PowerPoint (David Bosshart)
  • 2018- You Are What You Eat…But Also What You Do: PowerPoint
  • 2018- Online Coaching Services Generating Revenue: Bridging the Gap Between Sport, Health and Wellness: Audio Recording, PowerPoint (iGetBetter)
  • 2017- Forecasting the Future of Fitness: Transcript

Prevention & Medical

  • 2019- The Future is Catching Us: Rejuvenation Medicine: PowerPoint (Dr. Chris Renna)
  • 2018- WHO, What & Wellness: Where Does Wellness Fit at The World Health Organization?: PowerPoint (Dr. Ranieri Guerra)
  • 2018- In Search of the Perfect Health System: PowerPoint (Mark Britnell)
  • 2018- The First 1,000 Days 2.0: Matrix for Our Lifespan: PowerPoint (Sergio Pecorelli, MD, PhD)
  • 2017- Living to 160: PowerPoint (Dr. Michael Roizen)
  • 2017- The Transformative Power of Lifestyle Medicine: PowerPoint (Dr. Dean Ornish)
  • 2017- Understanding the Positive Implications of the Placebo Effect: PowerPoint (Alia Crum, PhD)
  • 2017- The Beginning of Human Life and Prevention of Chronic Disease: Reframing the First 1,000 Days Paradigm: PowerPoint (Sergio Pecorelli, MD, PhD)
  • 2016- Back to the Roots to Manage the Future: PowerPoint (Dr. Harald Stossier)
  • 2016- Do Short and More Frequent Spa Vacations Show Health Effect?: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Dr. Wolfgang Schobersberger)


  • 2019- Caught Between Tradition and Modernity: How Chinese Gen Z and Gen Y View Wellness: PowerPoint (Amrita Banta)
  • 2019- Forest Bathing 2.0: The Art and Science of Shinrin-Yoku: PowerPoint (Dr. Qing Li)
  • 2019- Move to Be Well: The Global Economy of Physical Activity: PowerPoint (GWI Researchers, Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung)
  • 2018- The Highly Anticipated 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor Research Report: PowerPoint (Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung)
  • 2018- Blue Zones: The Full and Fascinating Story Begins: PowerPoint (Giovanni Mario Pes, PhD, MD)
  • 2017- Breaking Ground on Wellness Communities & Lifestyle Real Estate: PowerPoint (Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung)
  • 2016- Two Researchers with a lot of Balls: PowerPoint (Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung)


  • 2019- Can You Buy Wellness? The Emerging Trends in Wellness Retail: PowerPoint (Alfredo Carvajal and Whitney Austin Gray, PhD)
  • 2018- Wellness X Retail X AI: So Many Things to Think About! PowerPoint (Dave McCaughan)

Social Impact

  • 2019- The Rising Cancer Backdrop Emerging Across Asia: Anti-Cancer Strategies, Psychosocial Effects, Role of the Healing Arts: PowerPoint (Dr. Wendy WT Lam), PowerPoint (Dr. Rebecca Yeung)
  • 2017- Wellness for Everyone. Emphasizing Happiness, Kids and Love: PowerPoint (Belgin Aksoy Berkin)
  • 2016- Passion Project: Global Wellness Day: Video Clip (GWD 2016 Around the World Celebrations)
  • 2016- Wellness for Cancer: PowerPoint (Julie Bach)


  • 2019- Technology Has Redesigned YOU. The Thread of Wellness through Past, Present, and Future Technology: PowerPoint (Liza Litchinger)
  • 2019- Robot Assisted Activities: Scientific Evidence of Activating Human Communication by Robots: PowerPoint (Masahiro Fujita)
  • 2019- Fighting Jet Lag Actually Is Rocket Science: PowerPoint (Mickey Beyer-Clausen)
  • 2018- The Internet of Wellness Has Come Home: Introducing DARWIN: Audio Recording, PowerPoint (Delos)
  • 2018- The Latest Innovation in Light-Based Technology Which Significantly Increases Human Potential: Audio Recording, PowerPoint (LightStim)
  • 2017- A Realist’s Guide to the Changing Digital World: PowerPoint (Clare Martorana)
  • 2017- Meet the Wellness Robot! and Learn How This Technology Can Enhance Wellness: PowerPoint (Ramesh Caussy, PhD)
  • 2017- Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Bitcoin and Blockchain for Wellness: Fad or Future?: PowerPoint (Maggie Hsu)
  • 2017- Wellness in the Age of Technology: PowerPoint (Jeremy McCarthy)


  • 2018- Blue Zones: The Full and Fascinating Story Continues: PowerPoint (Dan Buettner)
  • 2018- Mental Wellness: Pathways, Evidence and Horizons; Many Roads to the Mountaintop: PowerPoint (Prof. Gerry Bodeker, PhD)
  • 2017- Good News/Bad News: Mental Wellness and Technology (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2017- Wellness, Travel & Technology: Connected for Success: PowerPoint (Technogym)
  • 2017- The Art of Living Well: The Hour before Bed & the Hour after You Rise Can Yield Amazing Results: PowerPoint (Aromatherapy Associates)
  • 2016- Know Thy Self- Awareness Techniques for Personal and Global Transformation: PowerPoint (Weight Watchers)
  • 2016- Mental Detox: PowerPoint (Dietmar Mueller-Elmau)
  • 2016- Mental Toughness: PowerPoint (Stephan Eberharter)
  • 2016- Mental Wellness: Video Clip (Part I), Video Clip (Part II) (Prof. Gerry Bodeker, PhD)
  • 2016- Sauna Aufguss – Hot Doesn’t Get Any Cooler Than This!: PowerPoint, Video Clip, Summary Session (Lasse Eriksen)
  • 2016- Wellness at it was Meant to Be: PowerPoint (Dr. Franz Linser)
  • 2016- Why Eating Less and Exercising More Can Make You Fat!: PowerPoint, Summary Session (Stephanie Moore)

Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate & Communities

  • 2018- Creating an EcoSystem for Longevity: Blue Zone Communities: PowerPoint (Dan Buettner)
  • 2017- Don’t Forget about the Fun!: PowerPoint (John Cohlan)
  • 2017- Business Opportunities in Wellness Communities, Lifestyle Real Estate and Our Right to Live Well (Roundtable): Transcript
  • 2016- Let’s Talk About Wellness Communities: Summary Session (Mia Kyricos)

Wellness Tourism

  • 2018- Future of Travel and the Risks of Overtourism: PowerPoint (Rafat Ali)
  • 2018- Wellness Travel Heals: For All Who Wish to Experience Adventure, Vitality, Joy and Deep Meaning: Audio Recording (Julie Bach and Biologique Recherche)
  • 2017- Millennials Are Not Wellness Newbies: Understanding What They Expect: PowerPoint (Alexia Brue, Melisse Gelula)