GWS Tackles Diversity with “The Doctor is INclusive” Series, Hosted by Nicola Finley, MD

The Global Wellness Summit’s new “The Doctor is INclusive” webinar series put words into action in the critical conversation around the lack of diversity and inclusion in the health and wellness sector. The quarterly events feature personal experiences of individuals from marginalized communities, including stories of race and ethnicity as well as gender identity, age, LGBTQ+, abilities and other categories.

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The quarterly “The Doctor is INclusive” events take place via Zoom on Tuesdays, 10-11AM US EST

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 10-11AM US EST: The Doctor is INclusive | RSVP HERE

Catch up on the recent “The Doctor is INclusive” webinars

The first webinar featured Tonia Callender, research fellow at the Global Wellness Institute and author of the provocative trend “Adding Color to Wellness” in the Global Wellness Summit’s 2021 Trends Report.

Watch “The Doctor is INclusive” First Webinar held Tuesday, August 3, 10-11AM US EST
or read the session chat



“It’s easy to say our goal is to lead the conversation around inclusivity in wellness, but this series puts words into action, and, we believe, it will inspire our wellness community to make constructive changes as we move into a better future, as a medical doctor dedicated to empowering underserved communities, Nicola is uniquely qualified to lead this effort.”

Susie Ellis, chair and CEO of GWS

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