Reverse Pitch Events: How to Get
Funding for Your Wellness Idea

Learn which ideas leading investors in the wellness space are looking for—and why they decide to invest in certain concepts. Successful companies will also share how they pitched their ideas. Each Reverse Pitch Event features an investor or investment firm and is followed by a moderated Q&A.

We’re Taking a Break! Reverse Pitch: Hearing from the Investors.
The GWS Reverse Pitch: Hearing from the Investors will be back with new investors in 2022. Watch for updates and invites about the exciting new lineup.

How Willow Growth Partners Built the Next Generation of Consumer Brands, from Coterie Diapers to Gen Z Bubble Skincare.
Aired 10 AM ET, Wednesday, July 28

Deborah Benton, founder and managing partner at Willow Growth Partners, is transforming the wellness industry by investing in the next generation of consumer brands—and the disruptive technologies that drive them.

In the Summit’s Reverse Pitch: Hearing from Investors, you will have the opportunity to learn how Willow Growth selects investments; meet the founders of two of their highly successful ventures, Coterie Baby, Inc. and Bubble Skincare; and understand why Gen Z brands are the future of wellness.


Meet North Castle Partners—What Drives Their Investments & Why Fitness Is a Sweet Spot
Aired 10 AM ET, Wednesday, June 9

Jon Canarick is the person from North Castle Partners. He understands entrepreneurs and is excited to be part of the Summit’s next Reverse Pitch: Hearing from the Investors. In this lively session, Jon will share North Castle Partners’ investment strategy, the outlook for health and wellness investing, and how his firm makes investment decisions. The president and CFO of Barry’s and the CEO and founder of Echelon Fitness will share their pitch strategy—and why they chose to work with North Castle.


Meet the BLD Holdings Team—and Learn How to Make Your Health or Wellness Company Stand Out to Investors
Aired 10 AM ET, Wednesday, April 28

Health and wellness companies and start-ups are a hot investment topic. But how to get funding for your idea is the challenge.

Barry Dorfman and top members of the BLD Holdings investment team will explain their unique selection process (they use medical doctors to vet companies) and discuss some of their latest seed and late-stage investments.

BLD Holdings focuses on investments in life sciences, technology and health—and their Reverse Pitch presentation will also contain valuable insights for all health and wellness companies looking for funding. Barry Dorfman, founder and president, BLD Holdings, Inc., will lead the Reverse Pitch Event. Gitte Pedersen, CEO and co-founder, Genomic Expression, and Professor Dr. Michael Rossbach, an experienced life and health sciences professional, will join this exclusive presentation.

Learn What Wellness Investors Are Looking For—and How to Get Funding For Your Idea
Aired 10 AM ET, Wednesday, March 10

New markets. Increased innovation. Expansion of existing companies. There is no question that the golden age for investment in health and wellness has arrived. But how do you make your investment pitch stand out in the sea of start-ups and companies jockeying for a piece of the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy? In this exclusive Global Wellness Summit “Reverse Pitch” event, Amir Alroy and Galit Horovitz, co-founders of Israel’s Welltech Ventures, will explain what type of health and wellness ideas they are looking for and why they decide to invest in certain companies. Three of these companies will then discuss what it’s like to receive investment and share how they pitched—including their winning pitch decks.


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