Wellness Master Class Series

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Wellness Master Class Series Archive

“Beyond Sustainable: Why we must adopt a Regenerative Economy” Andrea Illy
“Mid-Year Trends Update: Where the future of wellness is heading” Beth McGroarty and Wellness Forecasters
“Clodagh: Up Close and VERY Personal” Clodagh
“Be Half the Age You Are by 2030” Michael Roizen, MD
“Why Am I So Exhausted? How Your Sleep has Changed and What You Can Do About It” Michael J. Breus, PhD
“Defining an Industry: A Conversation with Ophelia Yeung and Katherine Johnston” Ophelia Yeung and Katherine Johnston
A Future Shaped by Current Events: Integrative Wellness at Last Sue Harmsworth
Unpacking the Microbiome and Strategies for Aging Well  Frank Lipman, MD
Redefining Clean Beauty Stephanie Stahl
Wellness Trends Get Real: What Matters and Why in 2021 Beth Mcgroarty
Wellness: The Overlooked Dependent Variable in Pandemics, Plagues and Politics Dr. Richard Carmona
TGIO: Thank God It’s Over! Lessons Learned and What Matters Most in 2021 Jessica Jesse
“Delos on Strategies for Healthier Schools and Buildings During the Pandemic” Paul Scialla, Jie Zhao, & Isaac Mulvihill
“Create Revenue in the Face of the Pandemic” Tammy Pahel, Rupert Schmid, Pierre-Louis Delapalme, & Samer Hamadeh
“Change for Good: Seven Principles for Creating a Positive Impact” Paul Klein, Founder and CEO, Impakt
“The Power of Light: Fighting COVID-19 and Future Pandemics with Far UV” Dr. David Brenner, Fred Maxik, & Dr. Michael Roizen
“Euromonitor’s 2020 Health and Nutrition Survey: Understanding Health By Generations” Amrutha Shridhar
“Wellbeing as a Net Winner in the Post-Pandemic Era” Thierry Malleret
“Creativity in the Time of COVID: A First Look at a New Project” Bill Bensley
“The New Normal: Global Affluent Consumer’s Mindset Post Covid-19” Amrita Banta, Managing Director, Agility Research & Strategy
“Meditation in the Age of Anxiety” Bob Roth
“Israeli Innovation in the Time of COVID-19: Investing in Wellness Technology” Amir Alroy
“Inhale Optimism: Experience the Latest in Breathwork” Sandy Abrams
Health Disparities in Black and Brown Communities” Dr. Nicola Finley
“Love as a Business Strategy” Mia Kyrico
“What if the Vaccine for Chronic Racism was Humanity and Kindness? A Candid Conversation about Diversity and Inclusion” Helen Shelton
“Coronavirus: The Challenges of Moving from Mitigation to Recovery and Reopening” Dr. Richard Carmona
“Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer…Especially Now” Dan Buettner
“The Future of Global Hospitality–What Is Going to Really Matter” Neil Jacobs
An Open Conversation About Race and the Role of the Wellness Community Moderated by Susie Ellis & Nancy Davis
“Shred Your Crisis Communications Plan –Solutions for PR and Marketing in a Pandemic” Kim Marshall & Darlene Fiske
“Learning from Resilient Brands” Catherine Feliciano-Chon
“From Self-Quarantine to Self-Immunization” Kenneth R. Pelletier, MD
“Coronavirus: from Prevention to Recovery –What You Need to Know” Dr. Richard Carmona
“Turning Adversity Into Action: Operation Mask-Lift” John Wood & Amy Powell
“Spas and Wellness in the Time of Global Crisis” Sue Harmsworth
“Creativity in the Time of a Global Crisis” Anna Bjurstam
“Faith in the Time of a Global Crisis” Martin Palmer
“Leading Consciously in Times of Stress” Danny Friedland
“Managing Cashflow During the Coronavirus Crisis” C. Victor Brick

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