Wellness Master Class
Catherine Feliciano-Chon: “Learning from Resilient Brands”

As founder and managing partner of CatchOn – A Finn Partners Company, Cathy Chon has consulted with countless luxury, hospitality and retail brands worldwide in her diverse 30-year career. In this illuminating GWS Wellness Master Class, she shares the qualities of resilient brands that help them thrive in the midst of crisis and adversity—and the lessons we can apply to our own businesses and practices. Cathy is a highly sought-after speaker known for her provocative insights on industry trends.

“Resilience is learned; it’s a learned muscle. We are not born resilient. While some people have a predisposition for it, truly it is borne out of experience and it’s something we hone through life. And at the center of resilience is acceptance. How fast you’ll be able to respond and mobilize your resources to face adversity head on, starts with acceptance. Acceptance shifts our focus from ‘holy crap’ to ‘now what’?”

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