Spirit of the Summit

The “spirit” of the Global Wellness Summit is one of shared purpose rather than individual gain. It is a willingness to put aside our competitive egos and personal business goals while we join together and spend time shaping the future of the wellness industry.

Designed to be a high-level gathering of top industry executives, the invitation-only Summit brings together decision makers from around the world. Everyone contributes his or her time and expertise, as well as resources to help fund the Summit and make it a success.

All Summit delegates are asked to attend the entire Summit so that conversations and problem solving can build. All delegates pay registration fees and travel and accommodation expenses are covered by everyone individually including the Summit Advisory Board. Only in rare cases where a delegate attends a single session in order to provide expertise, or a speaker has been expressly invited to share knowledge on a specific topic, would there be any exceptions.

Speakers, presenters and panelists have been asked to refrain from promoting themselves and their businesses during presentations. Because of the intimate setting, and the efforts to provide numerous networking opportunities, we feel that there is no need to mention one’s own company during presentations, speeches or discussions from the podium. Self-promotional efforts of any kind are considered a serious breach of the spirit of the gathering.

Although contact information is provided through the delegate notebooks to encourage relationships post-Summit, no electronic mailing lists are sent out, and any effort on the part of a delegate to aggregate email addresses for promotional purposes would be considered cause to be excluded from future Summits.

Each year we welcome a few major sponsors. These important supporters are, in essence, partners who share the mission of the Summit and generously help offset costs. While physical visibility for sponsors is limited, we heartily encourage delegates to personally thank them during and after the Summit and support them with their business whenever possible.

Let us now engage in the important work of exchanging ideas, debating, and collaborating for the good of our industry, the consumers we serve, and the planet we share. Thank you in advance for embracing the “Spirit of the Summit.”


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