St. Andrews Half-Day Walking Tour

November 4, 2024

Spend A Morning Exploring Historical St. Andrews

Explore the historic town of St. Andrews, Scotland – a charming gem nestled on the east coast. As you embark on this walking tour, prepare to step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of its storied past. St. Andrews, often referred to as the “Home of Golf” and boasting the prestigious university that bears its name, is a town where ancient architecture, academic brilliance, and coastal beauty converge. The walk will lead us through cobbled streets lined with medieval buildings, echoing the footsteps of generations that have shaped this town’s character. From the iconic ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral to the venerable halls of learning at the University, every corner holds secrets and stories waiting to be unveiled. Explore the nooks and crannies of St. Andrews, where history and tradition intertwine, and where the spirit of Scotland is palpable in every stone and sea breeze. This walking tour promises to be a delightful journey through the heart of a town that has left an indelible mark on Scottish heritage.



Detailed Tour Information

Date: Monday, November 4, 8:30am – 12noon
:  £42 per person / USD $53 per person
To book email[email protected]

Please identify yourself as a delegate of the 2024 Global Wellness Summit when booking your spot.

8:30AM Meet in the lobby of the Course Hotel Resort & Spa
Please wear comfortable footwear (no high heels)
and a suitable warm, outdoor jacket, depending on the weather!

12noon: Return to Old Course Hotel Resort & Spa

The half day tour includes: 

  • Meet your local qualified Blue Badge guide in the foyer of the Old Course Hotel Resort & Spa
  • An overview of the largest public golf complex in Europe & the famous Swilcan Bridge
  • Views of the breathtaking West Sands Beach where the opening sequence of the movie “Chariots of Fire” was filmed.
  • St Andrews Cathedral, which was the largest Medieval building in Scotland, taking over 150 years to build. Consecrated in the presence of Robert the Bruce in 1318.
  • The nearby, 13th century St Andrews Castle where the Bishops & Archbishops lived.
  • The University of St Andrews, the 3rd oldest in the English-speaking world, established in 1413 where both Prince William and his wife, Kate, studied for 4 years from 2001.


Please note that there is a minimum number of 6 participants in total. The deadline to book your spot for the tour is October 6, 2024.


Old Course & Swilcan Bridge

The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland, is a golfing masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of the sport’s history. Centuries-old fairways, undulating greens, and iconic landmarks like the Swilcan Bridge create an unparalleled golfing experience. The Swilcan Bridge, a modest stone structure dating back to the 18th century, spans the first and 18th fairways. Golfers from around the world, both amateur and professional, cross this historic bridge, leaving an indelible mark on the hallowed grounds. As players traverse the bridge, they connect with the generations of golfers who have gone before them, adding a touch of magic to their round on the legendary Old Course. The Swilcan Bridge stands not only as a physical link between fairways but as a symbolic passage through golfing history in the very place where the sport was born.

University of St. Andrews

The University of St. Andrews, Scotland’s oldest university, is a venerable institution with a rich academic legacy dating back to 1413. Nestled in the historic town of St. Andrews, the university boasts a distinguished reputation for academic excellence, attracting students from around the globe. Its picturesque campus, a harmonious blend of medieval and modern architecture, provides a unique setting for learning and research. Renowned for its strong emphasis on tradition, the university is home to iconic practices such as the academic gown and the historic May Dip. With a commitment to innovation, research, and a global perspective, the University of St. Andrews continues to stand as a beacon of intellectual achievement, contributing significantly to the world of higher education.

St. Andrews Cathedral

St. Andrews Cathedral, a majestic ruin located in the heart of the historic town of St. Andrews, Scotland, stands as a poignant testament to the town’s medieval splendor. Once the largest cathedral in Scotland, its construction began in 1158, and it played a central role in religious and political affairs for centuries. The cathedral’s soaring architecture and intricate details, now in varying states of preservation, evoke a sense of awe and reverence. The iconic ruins include the remains of the towering central tower, the impressive west front, and the intricately carved St. Rule’s Tower. As visitors explore the grounds, they can feel the echoes of centuries past, imagining the grandeur of this sacred place that was, and still remains, an integral part of St. Andrews’ cultural and historical landscape.

St. Andrews Castle

Nestled on the coastal cliffs of St. Andrews, Scotland, St. Andrews Castle stands as a formidable testament to the town’s turbulent history. Originally constructed in the 13th century as the residence of the bishops and archbishops of St. Andrews, the castle later became a symbol of power and authority. Its strategic location overlooking the North Sea made it a vital stronghold, witnessing conflicts and sieges during periods of political unrest. Today, the castle’s atmospheric ruins invite visitors to explore its dark underground tunnels, the iconic Bottle Dungeon, and the remnants of its once-grand halls. The breathtaking views of the sea from the castle grounds provide a dramatic backdrop, transporting visitors to a time when this fortress played a pivotal role in the historical tapestry of St. Andrews.

Market Street & South Street

Market Street and South Street intertwine as bustling arteries in the charming town of St. Andrews, Scotland. Market Street, aptly named, features a vibrant market atmosphere with quaint shops, cafes, and stalls offering an array of local delights. Visitors can explore a variety of unique boutiques, capturing the essence of St. Andrews’ arts and crafts scene. Adjacent to Market Street, South Street continues the journey, lined with historic buildings and inviting storefronts. This bustling thoroughfare is not only a shopping haven but also a cultural hub, hosting a mix of traditional pubs, contemporary galleries, and enticing eateries. Together, Market Street and South Street create a dynamic tapestry, inviting locals and visitors alike to stroll through the heart of St. Andrews, indulging in its eclectic offerings and absorbing the lively spirit that defines this picturesque Scottish town.

About your guide, Val Eglinton

Born and bred in St Andrews, Val is a Blue Badge Guide qualified through the STGA (Scottish Tourist Guides Association), the professional membership body for fully-trained and accredited tourist guides in Scotland.

With over 25 years’ experience in tourism, Val worked for ten years with Edinburgh Convention Bureau before holding senior positions with both the Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa in St Andrews and, most recently as Director of Sales at Gleneagles. She holds an MA Hons Degree in Geography (Aberdeen) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism (Glasgow). Val is now delighted to be able to combine her extensive knowledge of, and love for, her homeland with her natural sociability and talent for storytelling.

Other similarly qualified guides may support Val depending on numbers taking this informative & enjoyable walking tour.

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