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The Global Wellness Summit’s podcast features over in-depth and provocative interviews with wellness luminaries who are shaping the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy.

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GWS Podcast Episodes

More About the Global Wellness Summit Podcast Series

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), the annual gathering of international leaders in the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy, launched the fourth season of its podcast devoted to interviewing top executives and thinkers in the wellness industry on where the space is headed. The new season features keynote speakers and panelists that recently gathered at the conference held at the iconic The Breakers Palm Beach, FL, from November 8–11.

Kim Marshall, co-founder of S’Well Public Relations, is the host, and in this new season, she goes in-depth with experts on everything from how virus-eradicating Far-UVC light technology could prove a COVID-19 game changer to how to build a wellness business that lasts.

The podcast has a vibe that’s been likened to “coffee with keynoters,” and in the roughly 45-minute conversations, listeners hear the origin stories of companies and their founders, what compelled these leaders to work in the wellness field, what they’ve learned from their mistakes and successes, and what they feel are the most important future trends in health and wellness. The breadth of their insights and expertise illustrates why the Summit has become the not-to-be-missed annual event on the business of wellness.

“It was such a comfortable, friendly conversation with Kim, but we still fit in such a wide range of topics—from healthy hormones to the joy of dance,” said Nicola Finley, MD, an integrative physician at Canyon Ranch, who was joined in her episode by Nina Boyce, a certified holistic health coach and the host of the popular podcast “Healing Hormones.”

The first-ever “hybrid” Summit got very high-tech and creative this year to protect its in-person delegates at The Breakers, and the conference’s medical advisor was Dr. Richard Carmona, the 17th US Surgeon General. This focus on safety carried over into the podcast recordings: For instance, Marshall sat at one end of a 14-foot table while guests sat at the other, and Healthe’s innovative Far-UVC lighting was deployed to sanitize the air and surfaces of viruses and other pathogens in the recording space (and even the clothes of podcast participants).

There are now over 30 episodes of the GWS podcast available for free download at or on Apple or Google Podcasts, Spotify, or any popular podcast platforms. The podcast is sponsored by Vireo Systems and their Promera Health Immune Support.

This season’s episodes include:

  • How wellness principles can transform home design and interior environments––Veronica Schreibeis Smith, CEO and founding principal, Vero Iconica Architecture.
  • Lighting technology’s bright future role in controlling COVID-19 and in human circadian health––Fred Maxik, founder and CTO, Lighting Science Group Corporation.
  • How to build a resilient wellness business that can survive curveballs––Rick Stollmeyer, founder, Mindbody, and author of the new book Building a Wellness Business That Lasts.
  • One couple’s journey to make fitness and mental wellness far more inclusive––Victor and Lynn Brick, founders of Planet Fitness Growth Partners and the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation.
  • The big insights and trends discussed at the 2020 Summit––Susie Ellis, GWS chairman and CEO; Anna Bjurstam, wellness pioneer, Six Senses, and the virtual emcee of the 2020 GWS.
  • Racial disparities in health and wellness and the power of healthy hormones and dance–– Nicola Finley, MD, Canyon Ranch; Nina Boyce, host of the popular podcast, “Healing Hormones.”
  • How to sleep smart––Francisco Levine, CTO, Bryte Beds; founder, Allison Howard, Nollapelli Sheets.
  • How to really execute wellness at work––Paul Leone, CEO, The Breakers Palm Beach, the historic resort that has won numerous awards for its innovative, comprehensive programs to support its employees’ wellness.
  • How technology is shaking up the delivery of meditation and mindfulness––Zev Suissa, chief innovation officer and head of strategic partnerships, eMindful.Captured live at the 2019 Summit in Singapore and the 2020 Wellness Trends press event in New York City, the series features thought provoking and timely interviews with a range of wellness leaders, from physicians, researchers and scientists, to fitness and fashion icons, to wellness tourism experts–even theologians and historians. The podcasts cover an array of topics including new global wellness trends, mental wellness, the gut biome, and much more.


The podcast is produced by the Global Wellness Summit, in association with S’Well Public Relations and Crate Media, and is hosted by wellness communications expert Kim Marshall. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort and Rancho La Puerta sponsored the series.


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