The Global Wellness Summit Podcast Series

The Global Wellness Summit’s podcast features over 20 in-depth and provocative interviews with wellness luminaries who are shaping the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy.

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GWS Podcast Episodes

More about the Global Wellness Summit Podcast Series

Captured live at the 2019 Summit in Singapore and the 2020 Wellness Trends press event in New York City, the series features thought provoking and timely interviews with a range of wellness leaders, from physicians, researchers and scientists, to fitness and fashion icons, to wellness tourism experts–even theologians and historians. The podcasts cover an array of topics including new global wellness trends, mental wellness, the gut biome, and much more.

The podcast is produced by the Global Wellness Summit, in association with S’Well Public Relations and Crate Media, and is hosted by wellness communications expert Kim Marshall. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort and Rancho La Puerta sponsored the series.


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