84. Timbaland — A Powerful New Frequency in Wellness Music


In this sharing of his journey from the heights of the music industry to addiction and then a holistic way of life, for the first time, Timbaland – aka Tim Mosley — explains why a Multi-platinum, Grammy-winning musical mastermind would turn his attention to the genre of wellness music. Our host this week, Freddie Morross, the CEO of Myndstream, the wellness music company Tim is partnering with asks about Timbaland’s approach to creating music. You’ll hear Tim’s feelings about tone, frequency, and color, and why he believes music can help heal the world. 

In the competitive world of music production, where beats and deadlines often overshadow personal health, Timbaland’s early career was no different. Starting out as a DJ, music was his world but his health played a muted background note. That changed dramatically following a life-altering accident when a gunshot wound led to partial paralysis of his arm. This moment was not just a pause but a pivot, steering Timbaland towards resilience and an unwavering pursuit of his Passion.

His journey towards wellness took center stage when he realized the need to be there for his children. It wasn’t just about shedding pounds; it was about a holistic approach to health. 

Back in 2020 when the research team behind the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) first identified “Wellness Music ” as a trend, they noted that there was a worry that biofeedback-based and neuroscientist-designed soundscapes would replace artists & their songs. But the report pointed out that it’s not a case of either/or — it’s both. Ideally, the public will embrace the artists they love but also experiment with new music aimed at boosting health and wellness. In another prescient nod to this episode, the very next year, GWS named “Hollywood & the entertainment industries jump into wellness.” And today we have “The Emperor of Sound” looking to use research-backed tones and frequencies from a new wellness music label to bring his particular sounds to spas and retreats around the world.

Timbaland’s God-forward journey in the music industry, overcoming challenges and focusing on health, echoes the idea that music and wellbeing have always been intertwined. As we learn from experts and pioneers like Timbaland, the power of music extends far beyond the studio—it resonates in the very rhythm of our wellbeing.


To learn more, visit Timbaland’s site at Timbaland.com.




Hosted by Kim Marshall

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