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The Future of Wellness 2024 Trends

The Global Wellness Summit today released its annual Future of Wellness report, the longest-running, most in-depth (120-page) forecast of what will make waves in wellness in the years ahead.

In the 20-plus years this trends team has been analyzing the wellness space, there have been more shake ups in 2023 than in the last two decades. There certainly is momentum: the global market will grow from $5.6 trillion today to $8.5 trillion by 2027—with countless surveys revealing that wellness has never been such an important priority for people as now. But generational, income and gender gaps are widening in culture, and they’re creating polarized wellness markets of “hardcare” (new hyper-medical, high-tech, even more expensive wellness) and “softcare” (a low-pressure, simpler, less expensive, wellness prioritizing emotional and social wellbeing).

Themes in the report: 
We’ll see a surge in pilgrimages and a new postpartum wellness, a focus on social and emotional wellness for men, and new climate-adaptive wellness. The longevity megatrend will rage on and weightloss drugs will get a wellness check. Our homes will become highest-tech health hubs, art will be transformed into a multisensory wellness experience, and sports will take their place in hospitality. Read the full press release here.

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