83. Luuk Melisse & Gabriel Olszewski — Sanctum: Revolutionizing Fitness with a Nomadic, Multi-Sensory Experience

In an era where fitness goals are often focused on rigid routines, rock-hard abs & competitive social posts, this week’s guests are the founders of a new kind of mind/body fitness that defines itself as movement, a nomadic global community and a happening of radical self-care, designed to be a sanctuary for self-expression and personal growth. It’s called Sanctum and it is an example of the kind of wellness phenomenon introduced each year at the Global Wellness Summit.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2022 by Luuk Melisse and Gabriel Olszewski, Sanctum’s core philosophy hinges on the power of community, connection, and holistic well-being. This unique approach to fitness is a blend of high-intensity movement, Kundalini yoga, martial arts, and primal movements, all synergized with the rhythm of soul-stirring music and even the spoken word. The founders will explain how they have crafted an experience that is not just about physical exertion but also a journey through emotional and spiritual realms.

The iconic locations add to the multi-sensory experience that also blends together movement, sound & lighting. Picture a fitness session in an expansive art gallery, ancient Roman ruins, or a cavernous church lit by candlelight – where participants wearing bespoke headphones are guided by a curated playlist and Luuk’s unforgettable coaching. Sanctum’s classes are structured into nine chapters, each crafted to nurture different aspects of the self, starting from setting an intention to engaging in mindful breathwork, with participants often achieving a natural high, a shared sense of euphoria.

The founders bring a diverse blend of expertise to Sanctum. Gabriel, with a two-decade-long career in corporate marketing, brings his experience in brand building and community engagement. Luuk, with his background in dance and fitness and his own spiritual journey, infuses Sanctum with a unique blend of artistic expression and mindful movement.

Diversity and inclusivity are at the heart of Sanctum. The platform welcomes a wide range of participants, from young adults to those in their golden years.

Training Sanctum guides is an integral part of ensuring the Sanctum experience remains authentic and transformative. Their guides are fitness instructors as well as storytellers and inspiration leaders, guiding participants not to worry about conforming to a specific fitness standard but to focus on self-discovery and expression.

Sanctum’s nomadic model of hosting events and retreats in various global locations, often in collaboration with luxury hotel brands like Six Senses and L’Auberge Resorts, reflects its ethos of bringing wellness to the world.

The ambition is to create a global movement, a lifestyle that transcends conventional fitness boundaries. The Sanctum Frequency Festival scheduled for February of 2024 in Amsterdam is a testament to this vision, billed as a 4-hour, multi-sensorial event of unity and self-discovery.

Listeners will learn how these business and life partners have overcome challenges and guided their new fitness phenomenon – that was born during a global pandemic – to become a media darling and an in-demand global partner to award-winning businesses.

In a world that often prioritizes productivity over well-being, Sanctum offers a refreshing perspective on how wellness businesses can make an important impact on the global community and help define what it means to truly take care of ourselves.

To learn more, visit Sanctum’s site at WeAreSanctum.com.


Hosted by Kim Marshall

Produced by NOVA Media

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