85. The Future of Wellness — “Hardcare” Meets “Softcare” in GWS 2024 Trend Report — Feedback from the Frontlines

This episode will focus on the Ten 2024 Wellness Trends researched and revealed by the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) in late January.  Using a “greatest hits” format, we’ve put together a mélange of wellness trend conversations from a GWS Masterclass, from researchers and trend writers, from two different podcasts and from media who attended this year’s trends reveal at JP Morgan Chase in New York City. 

We’ll first hear from the founder of GWS and the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), Susie Ellis – who will give a brief description of each of this year’s trends.  And that’s appropriate since it was her idea about 20 years ago to research and identify wellness trends annually.   Susie can truly be called a futurist, always listening and looking to who or what may be new or next in wellness.

Then we’ll hear from the GWI’s Research Director, Beth McGroarty, who over the past two decades has become somewhat of a brain trust in the wellness industry, constantly scanning the latest research and news to find out what’s happening in the space. Beth’s colorful, thought-provoking conclusions on the impact of each trend put these trends and findings into perspective for the wellness economy. 

We’ll also talk to spa industry pros at the forefront of sustainability movement, one trend writer, and two fellow podcasters – Erica Huss of All Too Well and Lisa Starr host of the Starrcast podcast, both of whom did full episodes on the trends.  The episode ends with a select number of media – Joe Holder of GQ Magazine, Heather Mikesell of Well Defined and Sarah Jones of Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe – sharing their takeaways from the 2024 Wellness Trend Reveal in New York.  

We chose to elaborate on six of the ten trends in this show:

  • Climate Change and the Adaptive Wellness Revolution 
  • The Resurgence of the Pilgrimage: Walking as Wellness 
  • From Manning Up to Opening Up: A New Frontier in Men’s Wellness 
  • Postpartum Wellness: Beyond the Baby Blues 
  • A Wellness Check for Weight Loss Drugs  
  • The Home as Highest-Tech-Health-Hub

Listeners – especially professionals whose businesses are impacted by the wellness market – can dive deeper into each trend by ordering their own copy of the 100-page Future of wellness 2024 trends report.  

Join us as we explore how “hardcare” and “softcare” are coming together to forge a more inclusive, dynamic future for wellness

To learn more, visit Global Wellness Summit’s site at GlobalWellnessSummit.com.


Hosted by Kim Marshall

Produced by NOVA Media


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