2024 Global Wellness Trends Report: The Future of Wellness


In the 20-plus years this trends team has been analyzing the wellness space, there have been more shakeups in 2023 than in the last two decades. The wellness market has significant momentum, and countless surveys reveal that wellness has never been such an important priority for people as now. But what kind of wellness matters—and for whom—is undergoing serious transformation. Generational, income, and gender gaps are widening in culture, and they’re creating a wellness landscape increasingly defined by very different—even contradictory—markets and mindsets. The GWS calls these polarized wellness markets “hardcare” and “softcare.” “Hardcare” describes the new hyper-medical, high-tech, even more expensive wellness market. “Softcare” captures the new desires for a low-pressure, simpler, less expensive, less relentlessly self-optimizing wellness, where emotional and social wellbeing matter most. This trends report illustrates how there is no longer one wellness narrative or unifying trend. The future is both “harder” and “softer” care, and that polarity will only widen. Order and download this robust industry analysis and find out who the key players are, what forces are propelling these shifts and how these changes impact you.


The 10 Trends Inside the Report

1. Climate-Adaptive Wellness
An increasingly heat-crushed planet inspires a wave of cooling solutions in architecture, urban design, wearables, tourism and travel.
By Jane Kitchen

2. The Power of the Pilgrimage
A record number of new and revitalized pilgrimage trails worldwide are luring new generations to experience the most ancient, slow and spiritual form of travel.
By Eric Wilson

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3. From Manning Up to Opening Up
A cultural shift is underway with a rise of social and emotional wellness offerings for men to help them connect with themselves and each other.
By Skyler Hubler & Cecelia Girr

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4. The Rise of Postpartum Wellness
Much-needed change in postpartum care is here, supporting a more comprehensive and empathetic approach to new parents’ physical and emotional wellbeing.
By Claire McCormack

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5. Longevity Has Longevity
This new industry pillar is the fastest-growing, newest genre in wellness, encouraging booming new businesses fusing medical and wellness applications.
By Kenneth R. Pelletier MD, PhD, & Zoë Weiner

6. A Wellness Check for Weight Loss Drugs
New weight-loss drugs upended traditional behavior-change wellness businesses, who recently pivoted to prescribing Big Pharma’s latest magic pills (and pricks).
By Emily Laurence

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7. Sports Finds Its Footing in Hospitality
Opportunities abound as wellness inspires new marketing angles, programs and revenue streams with pro trainers, pro-level facilities and diagnostics galore.
By Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA

8. The Home as Highest-Tech-Health-Hub
Dynamic new home environments offer intuitive, sensory-enhanced, personalized wellness support beyond cold plunges and yoga rooms.
By Olivia Houghton & Jessica Smith

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9. A New Multisensory, Immersive Art for Wellness
From museums to hospitals to hotels, new immersive art experiences leveraging technology and AI promote mental and physical wellness in entirely new ways.
By Ari Peralta

10. Under the Radar
Susie Ellis’s notes from a recent Global Wellness Summit capture possible trends of the future, as themes emerged under the radar from Summit keynotes, panels and discussions with top-level international delegates.
By Susie Ellis


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