Hosting a Summit

The Global Wellness Summit is an invitation-only, international event that brings together leaders and visionaries to positively impact and shape the future of the global wellness industries. It is critical to the success of the Summit, that the host location or company exemplify the “DNA” of the organization, and embrace wellness in a substantive and impactful way. This may include a commitment to sustainability, a concerted effort to promote health and prevention, an abundance of natural resources which are used to encourage a link between people and their surroundings, and more.

Hosting Considerations

Sponsors: Countries, cities or companies that are seeking to position themselves as a leader in wellness, are welcome to submit a proposal for hosting a future Summit.

Destination: GWS seeks to hold their annual conference in a dynamic city that promotes wellness and healthy living. As well, ease of access from major markets is essential, as delegates will be travelling from around the world.

Host Venue: Must be 5 star accommodations with appropriate meeting space for all designated activities, including a ballroom to hold upwards of 500 people, and spaces to accommodate meals and activities. A central location is also desirable.

Support: It is very helpful to the Summit’s success, to have the support of the host Government, which includes but is not limited to the Minister of Tourism, Minister of Health and other key officials. This partnership ensures a high level of collaboration necessary to execute an event of this nature. These government officials often play a role not only in the securing of essential sponsorship dollars, but also in the visibility of the Summit in the press.


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Financial Requirements and Benefits

Host sponsorship is an opportunity for you, your company, your city, or your country to be viewed as a global leader in the wellness industry. The cost for this sponsorship, and all other sponsorships, will increase each year, given the cost to do business and the desire to continuously improve our event.


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