Wellness Master Class

Amrita Banta: “The New Normal: Global Affluent Consumer’s Mindset Post Covid-19”

9:30–10:30 a.m. ET, Wednesday, August 19

As Managing Director of Agility Research & Strategy, Amrita Banta has worked with global brands to understand affluent consumers. In this GWS Wellness Master Class, she will share insights gathered through thousands of interviews with wealthy consumers across Asia and the United States, conducted in June and July post-COVID-19. She will also reveal how the crisis has changed these individuals’ travel, consumption and lifestyle habits in surprising and unexpected ways—and the differences and similarities between Asian and American affluent consumers. Amrita’s insights are invaluable for brands eager to navigate the new normal.

Amrita, an expert on global affluent consumers, is a frequent speaker on everything premium. She has appeared on the BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg and other international media, as well as travel and luxury conferences, including the New York Times Luxury Conferences, International Luxury Travel Market, the Global Wellness Summit and many more.

One thought on “Wellness Master Class: Amrita Banta”

  1. Excellent presentation! I hope we will have some insight into the USA Wellness and Spa business how they fared during the last six month. How many survived and how they did and how many had do close down or are in the process.
    This would help to reach out and could draft something to show that this industry needs more support financially or to maybe re-group with others to survive.
    Thank you for getting Amrita in for the master class!

    Spa Adagio
    International Spa and Business School
    Baltimore, MD and Frankfurt/Main Germany

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