Trends Masterclass:
2022 Trends Making Headlines

This event took place on Wednesday, August 10th at 10-11AM ET

Sponsored by Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

A lively and provocative conversation on wellness trends in the news moderated by GWS Chief Creative Officer & Executive Director Nancy Davis with VP, Research and Forecasting Beth McGroarty; wellness pioneer Anna Bjurstam who was instrumental in developing Six Senses as a leading wellness brand; marketing communications expert Catherine Feliciano-Chon, founder and managing director of CatchOn, a Finn Partners company; New York Times travel columnist and freelance writer Elaine Glusac who was named Travel Journalist of the Year in 2019; freelance journalist Jamie Millar, a regular Men’s Health contributor covering wellness, style, fitness and culture; and freelance journalist featured in publications such as New York Times and Los Angeles Times Rina Raphael, who is the author of “The Gospel of Wellness” book coming out this September. Providing sage guidance to business leaders and investors for almost two decades, the GWS trends are gaining traction once again—be the first to know how they will impact you with insights from these industry veterans.

Our Wellness Trends Are Trending
Just Ask the Media

The ten trends for 2022 cited by GWS wellness industry experts in the 2022 Future of Wellness trends report are trending now. If you thought these trends weren’t affecting your business or investments, think again. Take a close look at the case studies covered by the media this year showing how these ten trends are impacting the business of wellness in our new edition of the 2022 Future of Wellness trends report with our Trends Update.