Wellness Master Class

Amrutha Shridhar: Euromonitor’s 2020 Health & Nutrition Survey—Understanding Health By Generations

9:30–10:30 a.m. ET, Wednesday, September 16

Wellness trends and consumers’ perceptions and behaviors regarding their health change from year-to-year. In this Wellness Master Class, Amrutha Shridhar, a research consultant at Euromonitor International, will present key data and insights from Euromonitor’s prestigious 2020 Health and Nutrition Survey. In addition, she will explain how different generations adopt health-related behaviors according to their unique values and needs.

As categories and competitors within the health and nutrition wellness segments blur—and preventing chronic disease becomes more crucial than ever—the findings in the Euromonitor survey will help companies understand people’s perceptions and habits when it comes to their health. Moreover, the rich data in the report will help brands develop innovative products and services, along with targeted marketing and sales strategies.

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