Wellness Master Class

Dr. Nicola Finley: Health Disparities in Black & Brown Communities

9:30–10:30 a.m. ET, Wednesday, July 22

As wellness leaders, it is crucial that we understand the sobering facts about health disparities so we can help create a world where wellness is available to all. Nicola Finley, MD, brings a unique perspective to this timely and sensitive issue. At Canyon  Ranch, Tucson, Dr. Finley practices integrative medicine with an emphasis on prevention and wellness. Previously, she worked for over 10 years with Tucson’s economically disadvantaged communities at El Rio Community Health Center and St. Mary’s Hospital in Tucson.  Her diverse experiences make Dr. Finley exceptionally qualified to address the health disparities that too often lead to increased rates of chronic disease and premature death in black and brown communities.

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