COVID-19 Will Accelerate the “Dying Well” Trend

Forecasting the Future

  • Members of the Global Wellness Institute’s Dying Well Initiative, Dr. Candi Cann, associate professor at Baylor University, and Liz Eddy, CEO of Lantern, recently weighed in on how the pandemic will change our culture around death. They discuss what most needs fixing and what’s ahead, from end-of-life planning moving beyond the will to how the funeral industry has a “hybrid” digital future. READ MORE 
  • The expensive, entrenched and mysterious funeral industry was overdue for new solutions. COVID-19 will spur trends that were already on the rise, such as more sustainable, affordable funerals. For instance, COVID-19 is helping cremation surge past traditional burials.
  • Start-ups will continue to tackle the diverse pain-points: from new approaches for estate planning to mental wellness solutions geared toward grief and fear of death to supporting underserved populations in dying and death.

This is an excerpt from the “Dying Well” trend in the 2019 Global Wellness Trends Report. Read the full trend here.

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