Wellness Master Class

“The Power of Light: Fighting COVID-19 and Future Pandemics with Far UV”

The science of human-safe UV technology has the potential to deactivate the COVID-19 virus (and other microbes) on clothes, skin and objects, allowing people to safely enter shared spaces such as spa, hotel, medical and retail environments. During this fascinating Wellness Master Class, Dr. David Brenner, director, Columbia University Center for Radiological Research; Fred Maxik, founder and chief technology officer, Healthē by Lighting Science; and Dr. Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer, Cleveland Clinic, will explore how groundbreaking ultraviolet technology can drastically reduce the presence of pathogens—and why it has been described as “the light at the end of the tunnel.”  They will also discuss other new technologies.

Dr. Brenner
 has published more than 270 peer-reviewed papers and two books on radiation for the layperson and is the most recent recipient of the Failla gold medal, the annual award given by the Radiation Research Society for contributions to radiation research.  Fred Maxik has over 25 years of experience designing environmentally friendly technologies and is the principal inventor on 175+ patents in the United States. He is a foremost expert in solid-state lighting and has received numerous awards for his environmentally friendly technologies.  In addition to serving the Cleveland Clinic as chief wellness officer emeritus, Dr. Roizen is a New York Times best-selling author and professor, Lerner College of Medicine of the Cleveland Clinic at Case Western Reserve University. He is also a member of the Global Wellness Institute Board of Directors.

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