GWS Podcast Episode 31 Under the Influence of Gongs – with Martha Collard from Red Doors Studio

This episode is a feast for your ears — a living, breathing example of two of the Global Wellness 2020 Trends: Wellness Music and Energy Healing.

We’re speaking to Canadian-born, Hong Kong-based Gong Master Martha Collard. We’ll hear why this left-brained, A-type personality left a 25 year consulting career — where she helped  multinational corporations bring out the best out in employees — to become a Gong Master who typically performs and teaches in southeast Asia, where she owns the Red Door Studio.

Say it out loud: GONG SOUND BATH. The words alone are enough to ease you into relaxation. Who doesn’t love a nice warm bath? Now imagine being bathed in vibrations that help your brain slip into a meditative theta state. It’s exquisite.

Today Martha will talk about what goes into a gong sound bath, why people let go and just FALL into a deep state of relaxation during the experience, and what her prize gongs are made of. You’ll even hear excerpts from a special performance she did for us in New York City on a gorgeous, rainbow hued platinum gong — she calls it the Age of Aquarius — that was handmade for her by a Silversmith in Germany.

Then we’ll catch up with Martha in her yoga sound studio in Hong Kong post-COVID, where she tells us about pushing forward with her passion in a city that has already been shut down and reopened three different times during the pandemic. She also shares simple things each of us can do at home to relax and be renewed by the power of sound, and these little tricks are as simple as playing that magical instrument that mostly every one of us possess — our VOICE.

Get ready for a podcast like no other we’ve done — and a true auditory experience.

To learn more, visit Red Door Studio’s site at


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